Dear Diary #1

Hi cyberspace, my name is Estelle and this is new. Not the prettiest, or the greatest blog – bear with me!

    Why blog?

Why not? I love to write, have too many photos I don’t know what to do with, and I really should have started 5 years ago.

    Why ‘Love You Wrong Time’?

      I wanted my blog and signoff to be ‘Love You Long Time’.
      I have a lot of love to give and well – I am after all – Asian!
      (‘Asians’ are synonymous with bad grammar and English sentence structures… Also a sad stereotype.)

      But again, I’m 5 years too late… all the best blog names were taken. ‘Love You Wrong Time’ took the cake – It is the essence of me and actually sums up my life!

      Somehow, somewhere, I always find myself ‘in love’ at the wrong time.

      1) Right person + right time = Love you long time
      2) Right person + wrong time = Love you wrong time
      3) And of course, sometimes, you put your heart and soul into someone… only to realize that you did everything as right as you possibly could… only to the wrong person.

      Which would you rather be: 1) 2) or 3)?


      Show Me Some Love

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