Facebook status steal: Sulky Friday in the office! “Tired, bothered, and birthday plans thwarted :-(“

It’s 10 pm on a warm friday night, World Cup 2010 is starting on big screens all around liquor joints in Singapore… and around even more liquored-up people.

TGIF! I’m doing what needs to be done, and today it’s some planning and a whole lot of work in the office. I have been put in charge of/am championing a supplement to be run in The Business Times (my first since joining the team), and I’m one huge stressball! :S I hope everything sails smoothly. Say a little prayer for me!

I’m just about done… My friends say the World Cup is calling, but I’m just going to head home to my dog, dinner and some dvd fun. 🙂

Scream a scream and drink a beer for me, girls!

Here is some of us last week at the World Cup viewing at OverEasy 18/6/2010:

world cup wonders

world cup wonders


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