Birthday(s) across July 2010

My birth-month has been a fabulous one, surrounded by family, friends, quiet times as well as fun.

For one, friends and I had a wonderful sit-down Italian dinner with a special 3 course birthday menu @ Capricci Italian Restaurant.

It was a steal! Only S$39++ per person!

A wonderful MAC present from the stunning Roni and her husband Adam. I always tell them that they are 2 angels sent by heaven to love and protect me!

Of course, I had to make the pretty girls do my ugly ‘face’! I came up with the pose a while ago, didn’t realize how bad I looked and now it’s spreading like a disease! See?

Praying for health, wealth, love and everything else.

Eat it, Song!

No dinner is a decadent dinner without my dolce vita.

Wine – optional. (And a damn good option at that!)

Friends visiting from Melbourne, Malaysia and Bukit Timah.

Thank you Massimo for the private room, attentive service and special meal prepared with love!

Some bump and grind?

Dinner dancers


Wonderful wacky girls, a friday dinner at May’s penthouse.


Whatever spare time I have, I spend with her.

Kellie and me!


I spent my actual birthday (Sunday) working and hosting a company event. Sucks to be me? Not really!

My boss and team threw me off by throwing me a surprise birthday celebration – complete with sweet strawberry cheesecake and delightful singing!

And after the hard week’s work (Monday – Sunday)… Family surprise dinner on a boat!

Tex-Mex food with my favorite man…


One of the days I remember myself as inevitably cold, tired, sick, stressed…

Kanny came to pass me a handmade present so full of love she had to carry it around the whole day! I didn’t realize how heavy it was until I saw what was inside…

Pink dumbell for fitness freak Estelle, brand essence chicken in 3 flavours for always-busy-always-stressed Estelle, necklace for vainpot Estelle, picture of Edison Chen for boyfriend-less Estelle, iPhone case for my new iPhone, and everything else to keep me happy and smiling.


Last but not least and most recently, I had a birthday BBQ and small gathering of people.

There are too many photos… so I made a video!

    Japanese Gameshow BBQ


First of all, thank you for all your donations! My Macbook fund/helping Indonesian villages.

1) Thank you to these amazing $50 donors: Jay Kumpel, Gerald Tan, Gerry Toh, Maytinee, Mark Enriquez, Jess Ann, Rendy, Vince, Jess & Varun, Rich, Constantinos, Tim Fang, Greg Moore and Andrew Chun.

And to model, celebrity, host, AXN Sony Style superstar and my top donor, Oli Pettigrew – drumroll – for a whooping $100! I know you love me, I just didn’t know it was $100 worth of love!

2) Kym Goh… absent from celebration, my high school friend from Melbourne, living in KL, the designer extraordinaire who designed the custom “Estelle’s Japanese Gameshow and Ninja Warriors” poster all of you had many, erm, moments, in front of!

3) Compliments to the chef:
– My Daddy-O Ronald who cooked and handmade most of the menu – from shepherd’s pie, pizza, spaghetti, salad and chicken kebabs. He came and he conquered! Most of you missed him – he really came for a couple of hours at the start and had a few quiet beers with the boys. Love you Dad, my friends loved your food!
– Thank you to the macho master chefs Gary Beh, Song Young and Mark Ho. Thank you boys so much for your efforts, sweat and special ingredients.

4) Special thank you – Paul “DJ SingaPaul” Ng – for the immense help. Music, speakers, ice run with Song, and sweet, sweet seafood. At least you got to play supersoaking water bombs!

5) My official photographers Vince Carlo, Larry Lim, Jade Maravillas delivered some pretty perfect pictures!

6) Thank you to my supersoaker game marshall girls:
Natasha Hashim, Ava Gui, Dawn Yang, Caryn, Maytinee, Kanny Theng, Adeline Teo for making things fun…
Jessica Corvo and my BFF Kellie Alexis Tay for everything else.
Every successful Japanese gameshow needs some hot help – tag, you’re it!

7) Thank you to ravishing Ronalou Espinola Lau and Kellie Tay for making me look like a true blue Tiny Silly Japanese Barbie (doll).

8.) Thank you to The Sail residents Thomas Palestrini, Quoc Tran, Jon Chew and Greg Moore – without most of you, we have no toilet keycards.

9) Thank you to the Butter crew, for helping to finish the load of food and always adding to everyone’s blood alcohol index and good times.

10) Praise the Lord God for the amazing/hot/no flood non-rain weather – prayers do work!

And to ALL of YOU for coming.

You made it messy… you made it wet. You made it a birthday… no one would forget! 🙂


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