Missing girl: Cui XiuLing

Ok, so she’s not really missing and it’s just another Channel 8 drama – but I found my heart beating faster and myself tearing while watching this!

I hardly watch TV – Chinese TV – but this story’s plot is rather gripping and the talents do do a decent acting job. Basically, character ShuFang (played by Cheryl Desiree Chan) and Cui XiuLing (played by Kanny Theng Ling En) go missing. It turns out that Cui XiuLing is now somewhat of a high end social escort and is linked to another ongoing investigation case. Ooh.

Photo credit: Kanny Theng fan club admin page

With a star studded cast, this, like most Channel 8 dramas, will be the show all households and kopitiams around Singapore will be tuned into.

Other starring actors: Rui En, Chen Li Ping, Tay Ping Hui, Andie Chen, Kola Zhou, Joshua Ang, Zzen Zhang.
Directed By: Paul Yuen Shu Wei

Today, in a culmination of family problems, emotions and cops running around everywhere, 11 Aug is the last episode Cui XiuLing (Kanny Theng) is in.

I think it will be explosive!


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