Shopping – for/with my girls

Over the National Day public holiday, I crammed in a family brunch, coffee with cousins, dinner with friends and shopping with my cousin-in-law Linda and girlfriend Caryn.

Just bought my first pair of jeans in 6 years! Thanks Andrea for the Zara recommendation. Fitting sizes for petite girls like us!

Prepare to see more Estelle with more clothes!

I realise… A girl always needs/wants/loves her shopping time.

As my schedule gets tighter, and technology evolves… why not do it online?

There are a dime a dozen blogshops at my fingertips and computer screen, there really isn’t much of a need to walk-to-the-bus-station-take-an-mrt-alight-at-bugis-station-and-walk-to-bugis-junction anymore. So many imported clothes from Hong Kong, Taiwan, Japan, Korea… I LIKE!!!!

This is a blogshop I have been looking at for the past hour.

Look at all these pretty dresses!

Scoop Cowl Drape Chain Dress – S$38
Love the peach pink. So hard to find clothes in this colour in Singapura.

Le Beau Off-Shoulder Dress – S$32
Casual sexy. Can wear with leggings!

Caged Cap Sleeve Dress – S$26
Fits the fashion fad.

Spoilt for choice. And in this case, price.

Call me a girl – I can’t decide what I want! A little help?


5 thoughts on “Shopping – for/with my girls

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