Out with the old, in with the new

In the transition from past to present, I’m hereby chronicling the next milestone in my professional development…

    5 Things I miss about Singapore Press Holdings

1) My free newspapers

House ad for 'Show section', front page of The New Paper

THE NEW PAPER 2 Jun 2010. Credit: Tanjong Beach Club

2) The rooftop gym!

3) Fun extra curricular projects, structured training and team bonding activites

4) Chatting with present clients and rubbing shoulders with potential ones

5) My bosses, visiting Editorial, the sweet girls I work with and the boys from Radio and RazorTV.

    5 Things I like about being in an American Multi-national Company

1) All the canned drinks, biscuits, coffee and fruits I want

2) They have a fooseball table!!!

3) Different people, different company culture

4) Globalized, flexible mindset, independence and empowerment to get-going

Photo Credit: blog.weflyspitfires.com

5) Regional position covering the Australia & New Zealand portfolio… I feel like I found my second home 🙂

Photo Credit: carolinasroyal.wordpress.com

The eager beaver in me is excited, enthusiastic and hopeful about this new chapter in my career. Wish me L.O.L. (loads of luck) 😀


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