Whisky Week *NEW PICS – 72 to be exact*

I’ve been a bit of a maniac last couple of weeks, having to serve my last week with Singapore Press Holdings and then diving straight into big job with big American company last week. Migraine!!!!!! A lot is happening though, so am excited to open another chapter in my very colourful book of life.

Of course, I like my books with big and colourful pictures and all work and no play makes Jill a dull girl so I won’t be dull and I won’t talk about work. For now.


Monday Night – Glen Scanlan
Location: The Tippling Club


Last week was a whisky of a week!! Friend of mine Jasmine Li of House Enterprise and FHM Model for 2010 just had a very private launch of a new alcohol brand she is bringing in, Glen Scanlan.

Here is her, looking all beautiful as she usually is.

She had to hold her launch on a Monday, and not just any Monday – but the first day of work of me at the new job! Anyone who knows me well knows I H-A-T-E going out on a Monday, or a Tuesday, or a Wednesday, or a Thursday. I don’t like to go out on Sundays either. (Weekdays are for beauty sleep and damn do I need a lot of that!)

Red and black poker chips for cashing in our complimentary whisky – what a creative concept. Are you giddy with Glen Scanlan?

So, I grumbled and I groaned, but I still showed up to show my support.

The Tippling Club

Whisky #1, a sweet cocktail, was packaged pretty inside a library book. A useful presentation if you want to learn how to smuggle whisky into a lecture?

My beautiful friend Roni enjoying a sip or three

Don’t ask.

Jasmine Li giving a Glen Scanlan presentation

Whisky #2 was aptly named “A Smoky Bastard”. It was very interesting to watch the waiters ‘bong’ cigar smoke into the whisky for its special flavor and smell. I personally preferred the sweet, milder drink.

Best wishes and hugs for Jasmine.


Friday Night – 18 year old Macallan
Location: Lantern, at Fullerton Bay Hotel


Friday night after work and a BIG dinner, one of my brothers-from-another-mother took me for dinner as a sorry-I-couldn’t-be-bothered-to-come-for-your-birthday-party-4-weeks-ago gesture. Right. 😀

His family runs a few businesses in Singapore, but own hotel and property for the most part so while we were being dished course after course of gorgeous Italian grub, I was dishing back to him a bubble of social marketing ideas like a machine gun on a golden platter.

We went to Lantern (Singapore’s newest and coolest rooftop bar) for a very long drink after with our friends Bobby and G. The man who runs Fullerton Hotel and Fullerton Bay Hotel is doing a fantastic job (it is also a 24/7 job) for a hotel Fullerton Bay Hotel which has only opened for operation in July 2010. I think it has so much potential for more exclusive events and it is absolutely pretty.

The men love their 18 year old Macallan.

My favorite place to sit.

This is what you see when you walk in. Really.

Giovanni and Phil pretty as a picture

Family and friends

Somewhere we were sitting

The gorgeous girls with handsome actor/designer/entrepreneur Benedict Goh

It’s always busy on a Friday/Saturday night. Because of the limited number of people it can accommodate, Lantern table bookings are VERY exclusive and you are generally NOT allowed up the hotel elevator if you do not make a table booking in advance. Contact Fullerton Bay Hotel for enquiries.

My buddy and brand pimp, John Langan.

Some of my girl friends

More girlfriends 🙂

And more!

Sometimes when I’m lucky, I see fireworks at Lantern. Make a wish right now!

All photos credit to “the Belvedere Beat: White Party at Latern” event facebook page pictures.


Saturday Night – Johnnie Walker
Location: KL, Malaysia


Saturday morning, friends and I were off to KL for one night for Johnnie Walker’s Black Circuit Lounge event that a friend of mine helps to throw for the Sepang F1 crowd.

The group of us went to represent and I was really excited (as usual) to visit 1) my high school friend Kym and 2) Charles James Wright who recently made a career move as Brand Manager for JW Malaysia. These two have been missed!

Man of the Moment
Charles JW has been working super hard and if I dare say, it seems to be paying off. His campaigns are bursting onto the KL scene and shaking it.

They turned a Volvo-showroom into a star-studded crowd with the usual beautiful people from all over the world, as well of some of KL’s finest in the media scene. I bumped into a few old friends like Katherine Ng who is now competing in Miss Malaysia. (Don’t know when your comp wraps up but all the best Kat!)

I made new friends with cool people who had cool names like Bianca Brand, Forrest Cannon, Tian Chad, Mizukami… sounds like a flower!!! I want a flower name too. Estelle means Star, can you imagine me as a “Star Moonshine”? :S

Top DJs from Asia Pac like Goldfish (Malaysia), Andrew T (Singapore) and Havana Brown (Melbourne, Australia) threw down chart-topping/booty shaking/lip smacking/sweeet tunes.

DJ Goldfish (Malaysia)

DJ Andrew T (Singapore)

DJ Havana Brown (Melbourne, Australia)

Throw in an open bar sponsored by Johnnie Walker and you’ve got yourself in for a good time.

Last April 2010, invites were dog tags/necklaces. This August 2010 JW Lounge, invites were in the form of arm bands. Really cool. I wonder what they will do next?



Where we were sitting

What we were drinking

Malaysia, Singapore, and Thailand – down to represent.

Group love

JW girls – HOT!

Before you enter the main room, the reception lounge hold a row of JW girls at JW tables giving JW drink demos. Entertaining.

There were MANY cameras, cause and effect MANY photos.


Dawn being interviewed for Malaysian media

More media with Josiah Mizukami, Natacha Meunier and Justin Bratton.

Media frenzy!

May and Justtino.

A good evening with good friends.

    1. ***Some non-party pictures from our trip***
  • *************

    Here is CJW, our girlfriend Fay Hokulani and the rest of us at the last Johnnie Walker KL party for Sepang F1:

    I can’t wait for the next one, coming to an F1 near you. Till then…

    We may have many colourful photos holding a drink or two, but we practise responsible drinking. Don’t drink and drive and Keep Walking.


    8 thoughts on “Whisky Week *NEW PICS – 72 to be exact*

    1. Thanks for the advice regarding getting a table at Lantern, I’ve been passed a couple times and turned away at the door. Thought it was always my luck that there was a private function on every time I tried to go. Will give it another try but go through the proper channels this time.

      • Hi there, no worries, I’m glad you figured that bit out! I’ve seen so many patrons and even hotel guests who get upset, it’s just about understanding the way different places work. Some places I can worm my way in, some I cannot. 🙂

        For now, it is best to reserve a table in advance – the popular tables are the ones by the barrier/view, the daybeds, and the big area right in front of the swimming pool (see my picture). The last one is not very properly sheltered but the first two are covered by a marquee. Saves your butt in rain or shine! 🙂

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