Lo and Behold – Loof, The White Rabbit, OverEasy & Tanjong

Someone said something to me the other day, and it really stuck. He said, “Estelle, you’re always in the right places with nice photos with the in crowd. You’re a socialite!”

Where is the ‘right’ place to be seen at? Do I really look nice in photos? Who is the in crowd? What if I bring along my Mom and my Dad, would you still think I represent the “in-crowd”?

Hmm. Well. I was a little startled, really. So much food for thought but it got me thinking of a few places I like to go to when I feel like a drink or a nice dinner.

I was going to pen some boring descriptions down for my friends to read but I really, really love their website designs and The White Rabbit and OverEasy website is especially fun to play with. So…

Click on the pictures below to view their websites. Super style!


Loof – A quirky rooftop bar, just like its name.

The White Rabbit – A bar that used to be a church, in the quaint village of Dempsey Road.

OverEasy @ One Fullerton – The Executive pick up joint all the pretty girls I know go to.
Apparently if the STI for the day closes lower for the day, their yummy mini burgers go for $1 each. (Only Mon-Fri, 5.30-7PM)

Tanjong Beach Club @ Sentosa – A picture speaks a thousand words. What if I had a thousand pictures…? 😛

Photo credit: Freezeframe shots credit to respective diner and bar websites, and Asylum for webpage design.


I was really honoured to receive this in the mail yesterday. Thank you for the discount “Multi-Purpose” card. Time to eat, drink and be merry!

Hey I’m not that special! You can sign up here so you don’t miss a (party) beat.

Guess it may be time to bring Mom and Dad… 🙂


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