Man VS Fish

My brother Thaddaeus just got back from a fishing trip in Perth, Western Australia. Wish I was there!

With my new job, work schedule, family time and social obligations I find it really hard to have a break or go on a holiday.

So, meantime, I shall live vicariously through his eyes.

My brother, the fisherman – I find it ironic that one of the hottest-tempered males I know find pleasure in the patient sport of fishing.

Fit for a King

My brother is also a braveheart. He is going to kill me for this but I am posting here a video of him and his catch – let’s just say I am not at all surprised he had the guts to eat the beating heart straight out of a freshly caught Tuna fish. RAW.

    Man 1 : Fish 0

Disgusted? Amused? Impressed? That’s my amazing, one-of-a-kind-brother. Hehe. Wait till I post pictures of him in Europe!


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