Massa Drama

So… I am in my bed and in my pyjamas, and I get a ring on my telephone-iPhone. Ring ring! Two of my very handsome male friends are having quiet drinks with Felipe Massa (of Ferrari F1 fame) and tell me to “quick, come”.

I did not want to go at first because:
1) I love PJs and don’t want to get out of them
2) It’s a school night… I don’t go out for fun on school nights… Need sleep!
3) I get quite shy around the A-listers sometimes (YES, TRUE) – who knows how many men women and kids must be hounding Massa?
I don’t want to join a big unknown group, much less look like a groupie.

My two friends tell me there is only the three of them chilling out and having drinks. “Quick, come.”

I think about it for too long, finally jump out of bed, put on some lipgloss and eyeliner, brushed my hair (barely) and called a cab. I even brought along my Ferrari jacket so I could sell it on eBay if he signed it. (JOKE.)

I’m on my way when they update that “oh no”, he left for a massage in the hotel that they are having drinks at.

Poor boy must be beat, I have a busy week ahead and so does he. Let him have peace and quiet… He deserves it. Let us sleep.

Lesson learnt: Don’t chase stars, they will change their schedule.

I get the cab to turn around and S$18.20 later, I go back to bed and put my pyjamas back on. Yawn!!


2 thoughts on “Massa Drama

    • Wahaha you were chasing him?! He must have thought you were gay! Haha well he didn’t do that well in the race over the weekend unfortunately. The gear box stuffed up and it was all over TV 😦 He was in a really foul mood on Sat night! Anyway I’m good hun, guess what, I’m visiting soon! Are u still in Melbourne?

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