Jock, Scholar… Also my Brother

Friends and family…

In case you didn’t know, I am happy/sad to share that my brother Thaddaeus (first mentioned in revolting eat-your-heart-out post) moved to London last week. He earned a well-deserved scholarship to go to Imperial in London and is going to be gone for at least 4 years 😦

I miss him so!

This is over his last weekend as we spent some time together shopping at VivoCity.

Yes… Brother is shopping. Now but never again.

He had no choice… He needed something to wear in London apart from vulgar offensive T-shirts and torn sneakers.

Moody and broody – Testing out some picture filters on him. For the record, can I point out he is one VERY unwilling model?

At the airport…

The rugger boys and also his ‘bros’.

Parents chatting up his friends… My parents know all our friends 🙂

Going, going… Gone 😦

I only have one biological sibling – brother – and I must say I think I have been extremely blessed to have the brother-sister-friendship relationship that we have. As twisted, grumpy, ingenius, monosyllabic, weird, exasperating and funny as he is, I think he is a wonderful person (albeit a bit complicated).

Thaddy – if you ever read my blog, this post is for you. The Big Bang Theory is not the same without you. Miss you! Skype me! I love you! Call me!


2 thoughts on “Jock, Scholar… Also my Brother

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