The Social Network

Just as I was about to delete my Facebook account, Hollywood makes a movie about it (Facebook). Is this a sign that I should or that I shouldn’t?!

2005: I started my Facebook account sometime in 2003 when I was in living in college in Australia, purely to connect with my college friends who were American.
At that time, it was a pre-requisite to sign up for Facebook with an official collegiate email.
This was, much later, further expanded/diluted to include users who did not have to sign up with a college email address.
2006 – 2010: Now, almost ANYONE with an email account can sign up for a Facebook account. Thank goodness they tightened their privacy settings!

Technology thoughts
I am very social, and pro-social media.
I can discuss it professionally with technologists and entrepreneurs here – and in fact I already have, many times this year.
The ripple effect of its global presence ie influence, social media marketing, perhaps even online dating…
So much potential, monetize the damn thing already!
I have always been fascinated with how it has changed my lifestyle and culture, and have carefully watched and learnt…
As people around me use and abuse it; even get burnt.

Movie: The Social Network
“You can’t get to 500 million friends, without making a few enemies”
Watch the trailer here.

Photo credit:

In university, I have done a few assignments focused around the dynamics of social networks. Friendster, MySpace,, Hi5, etc you name it all – I’ve read (or written) something about it.
Well I cannot write a review on a movie I have not seen, so all it is for now is looking forward to what will be a very interesting and informative movie.

Coming soon to a box office near you
(Release date: 28th Oct 2010)

Fun facts about Facebook:
– Mark Zuckerberg may have been the face of Facebook, but did you know the other half of the story – Eduardo Saverin?
– At that time when Mark and Eduardo were working on developing it together, it was named “The Facebook”. The ‘the’ was later dropped.
– An average person loses 23.3 hours per week on Facebook. Some of us even more… (I know a few, I won’t mention who! ;-X Haha!)

Need something to do until then? Eduardo Saverin is in Singapore. Add him here or “Like” Eduardo Saverin’s Facebook Page to read more.

Oh and while we’re on the topic… Guess what, I finally did it…

I added my parents on Facebook.

Guess what else…

I didn’t limit any part of my profile. Yes, I love them that much and have nothing to hide (they know all my flaws already)… I’m willing to prove it!

See evidence: I think someone coined the term “You made a deal with the devil?” Lol!

(No devil here – just lots of lovin’!)


  • Dear friends, I know I owe many of you many photos from the F1 weekend – it’s been a really mad 2 weeks but I promise to get to them soon! I love my understanding friends 😀
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    4 thoughts on “The Social Network

    1. I thought about deleting my facebook account too!! Sometimes it’s just too much information. I’ve deactivated it in the past – I think that’s better than deleting because you can always re-activate when you want, without having to go and find all your friends again.

      Btw the message to your mummy is too cute 😉

      • I know right! The power of social media can be a bit overwhelming. Scary!! Have you deactivated your account many times? And it goes back to status quo?

        De-activating is easy, I might think about doing that next time… PS: I love my Mommy ;-D

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