Movie review: Seeing Red

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Just watched RED at Golden Village Grand.

Action-packed, unrealistic, unexpected comedy. To sum up, it’s not a great movie – but great fun to watch.

The casting agent could not have done a better job with the colourfully crazy characters, who’s chemistry is well and truly the heart and soul of the movie.
(Yes, I know ‘colourfully’ is not a real English word. What kind of a crap review is this?)

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Something about DC Comics is imminent throughout this movie…? And it shows. 😀

I would write more, but need I (write more)? I know you’ll watch this anyway (and if you weren’t, you should).

Plus, I need to be up early tomorrow – not for work, but I am on leave and will be on board the Royal Caribbean for a little tour of the mothership!

Quite excited to see the ship and take some pretty pictures that I should actually post up… along with a great deal of other photos. 🙂

I can’t remember the last time I have been on a cruise… Ahoy mate! ❤

(Sorry again that this is not a substantial movie review, I apologise if you were looking for one.
Instead, you can click on my link to read other real movie reviews I have written!
That certainly took a lot more effort than this above post.)


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