My new relationship

Blogging about my new Mac, from my new Mac.

Hi internet! I have not been blogging as much as I had hoped to because of a couple of things.

I know I’m being silly, and obviously very slow… but it’s finally time, Got my Macbook Pro!!!

My first Mac EVER… Signed, sealed, delivered!

Steps/Days to going Pro

1st day with my Mac Pro – Find the power button… (U think I’m joking.)

2nd day with my Mac Pro – Brought my new Mac Pro out for a date!

I even bought it it’s first cup of tea. It… She? He?

I’m so lonely I should name her/him.

(Is that normal???)

2nd day part 2 with my Mac Pro – Found photo booth!!!

(Yes I’m two centuries late, but I’m still going to have fun with it!)

2nd day part 3 with my Mac Pro – Lucky lonely me bumped into some friends!

Hadassah didn’t want to be part of our shenanigans anymore so… here comes trouble!

This is how they looked before I destroyed them…

Can’t you tell we are models???

Nope! Not role models either, unless role models have VERY BIG NOSES!

Watch my space, more (dinosaur-size) destruction to come! 🙂

Coffee shop cafe visited:
Joe & Dough, Suntec City Tower 4 (Carrefour tower)
They sell yummy gourmet sandwiches (about 7 varieties when visited) S$7.50, muffins and cake slices est S$5, tea $3.80 and coffee $5-$6.


3 thoughts on “My new relationship

  1. Haha love it… I want a MAC Book Pro too ~ Boo and I almost got those giant iMAC’s but held off… as much I love the smooth designs of a MAC i still prefer a PC since im so used to it so much..but who knows might convert soon 🙂

    Anyway enjoy your new Mac book it really is part of your life..

    • Hey wow thank you for the comment babe! Yes I am looking forward to it being part of my life and lifestyle, last night after work I went home to play with it and I’m still having trouble getting used to it! I heard that is normal for a few days, but then once you go Mac you NEVER go Mac.

      And I think people who like creative things (or creating things?) should definitely buy a Mac. I think you should too!!! I think you will really love it.

  2. A path which is not paved with love…In this day and age a role model is often someone selected erroneously from the media- like a famous celebrity that one can relate to or aspire to be like. I noticed that this was the same for each teacher with their different idols. When you are one with your Self you are essentially one with all others as well- because we are all anchored in the same presence.

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