A sailor’s season greetings & special gesture

THANK YOU Royal Caribbean International and OMY SG for making me your selected top 10 bloggers, and I am definitely exciiiiiiited for MY Royal Caribbean Cruise Adventure!

I know you probably don’t know me but I promise you made a great choice –
I will tell all my friends, clients, Father’s business associates, Mother’s church group buddies, Grandpa’s cousin’s uncle etc how much fun I am going to have to rub it in their noses!

I promise:

– I will not get lost during the exhilarating shore excursions I am already planning in my head (OK… I might),
– I don’t cook but I will eat all the sumptuous food you will be providing onboard the ship,
– I am articulate most of the time,
– If I make a mess I will clean it up…

… Yes obviously I will be the best ambassador ever.

Affordable enough for Mom, and yet affluent enough for the bankers I know. - Travel that me, my friends and readers would love!

THANK YOU – family and SOME friends who have lovingly left comments on my post, on Facebook, Twitter, and generally shown support even though most of them really didn’t care.

(They think I’m crazy…) 😀

I know they probably will not comment ever again. 😦

Hey! Don’t leave! Come back! *Chases friends as they run away from her*

In case you are not family, not (yet) a friend, or just have totally no idea what I’m on about, I had attended my first blogging event & entered my first blogging competition ever – a half day cruise tour.

Obviously despite my obvious lack of verbal and non-verbal skills, I have just gotten some good news that I will be sent along with 9 other hand-picked bloggers on a cruise around Asia on board the Royal Caribbean ship, Legend of the Seas.

It is happening this Monday!!! Whaaaaat?! Really or not. Don’t bluff ah. Wow-o-weet.

This will be a nice break from work – especially when I honestly didn’t expect to be selected as top 10, and I really didn’t expect my boss’ blessings and congratulations for me to go on this 5-day 4-night cruise tour at last minute’s notice.
(Currently, I work for a fast-growing American IT company which I adore. You can read more about me on my blog bio.)

I won’t say I’m LUCKY – I would say it is a MIRACLE.

If you are curious how in the world this small little girl – who is busy with a full-time office job, full-time friends and full-time family – could spend her free time and weeknights churning out a big written promo for Royal Caribbean and get into the top 10, read my submission for The Legend of the Sea: Captain’s Rules here on my blog.

Any constructive criticism or ideas on how I can make the next one bigger, better and funnier is definitely welcome and encouraged! (Or, you can just say hello.)

Contact email: loveyouwrongtime@gmail.com

You can also ask me any questions that you may have about Royal Caribbean cruises and I will try to answer them best I can. (Just don’t send me pictures of LOLcats who want cheezburgerz.)

Do ‘follow’ me on my adventure on Twitter @estellekiora – I need all the virtual support I can get as I attempt to:
– Perform a burlesque dance at one of their famous night-time performances (Just kidding)
– Run around the ship’s jogging track so my bum doesn’t look so fat
– Scale mountain-climbing heights on the ship’s mountain climbing wall (how cool is that?!)!
– Eat my heart out with the many dining options (They also have late night room service – I think my diet is in trouble!)
… And much more.

Why not?

As long as I don’t come back looking like this…

After the cruise, I will need your help following 10 Dec to VOTE so I can cruise around Europe for 7 days next year and write all about it. And upload pictures on Twitter + Facebook + my blog to show you what you missed out on/could have enjoyed.

Please? Can support or not?


Thanks to Royal Caribbean, everything I need to pack for my trip will be well-packed with their very generous premiums.

They gave the bloggers 2 suitcases, 1 shoe bag, luggage tags, 1 adapter, and 2 different toiletries pouches.

I won’t deny that I love all these loving little touches…


It’s time to shape up and ship out – although I will definitely miss everyone back home!

“Wish all of you were here…” Or In other words, wish all of you will be there (with me)…

I wish I could pack my entire family into my suitcase!

Or at least my Mom and Dad…?

It would be nice to have a holiday with my brother, or at least see him. He is currently on a scholarship and studying in London.

Instead of babysitting them, how about bringing them for a holiday? My favorite nephews who add a splash of colour in my life!

My Tuesday Group friends… You know who you are! Wish you were here!

I wish Kanny Theng Ling En could come and sail away with me… The first and only time we were on a boat together was for a friend’s birthday celebration.

My best friend, Kellie will definitely be missed!

My girlfriends… If I could bring all of you, I would!

I am going to miss my friends!

Wish you were here, or me there. But with Royal Caribbean we could go anywhere!


***Special offer for 2 of my selected readers***

I’m not that special – you can be a Royal Caribbean cruiser too!

To thank you for reading/scrolling down this far, I would like to extend an exclusive offer on behalf of the Royal Caribbean Cruise Adventure to anyone reading this.

40% DISCOUNT per person for 1 stateroom booking (all stateroom categories)
This is offer extends to the following cruises and dates:
1) 5D4N Isles of Southeast Asia Cruise / Ports of call: Singapore, Port Klang, Phuket
10 Jan 2011
2) 6D5N Spice of Southeast Asia Cruise / Ports of call: Singapore, Phuket, Langkawi, Port Klang
24 Jan 2011

40% DISCOUNT per person for 1 stateroom booking (Oceanview stateroom)
This offer extends to the following cruises and dates:
3) 7D6N Spice of Southeast Asia Cruise / Ports of call: Singapore, Phuket (overnight), Langkawi, Port Klang
2 Jan 2011
4) 5D4N Isles of Southeast Asia Cruise / Ports of call: Singapore, Port Klang, Phuket
29 Jan 2011

If you would like to cruise with Legend of the Seas, all you need to do is drop me a note with 1 reason why you would like the below-mentioned 40% discount.

Do remember to email me your name, contact/handphone number, trip date and destination choice (1, 2, 3, or 4).

I can only offer 2 rooms at this special deal so do email me quickly if you are keen!

Terms & Conditions:
– Offer is valid for selected stateroom categories on Legend of the Seas’ sailings stated above only.
– ‘40% off’ offer is on prevailing cruise fare (excluding taxes), based on double occupancy only.
– Booking at Royal Caribbean Cruises office in Singapore is to be done by the 20 Dec 2010.
– Subject to stateroom and destination availability.
– Picked readers are at the discretion of myself.
– Royal Caribbean Cruises (Asia) Pte Ltd and myself reserve the right to terminate the offer without prior notice.

Email: loveyouwrongtime@gmail.com(Enquiries that are genuine and semi-confirmed will be given priority. I will be on board the Royal Caribbean until Friday 10 Dec, and can only reply to emails and questions on that day. Thank you for your kind understanding.)
This is a week full of love, luck and miracles… I hope it doesn’t stop! 🙂 ❤

Dear Lord, please bless all my friends and anyone reading this with a piece of good news this week – whatever it may be to them.

Peace out, A-town!


16 thoughts on “A sailor’s season greetings & special gesture

  1. daymm soon u gonna have a million zillion blog readers!!!! awesome! haha but i know i will always be ur favorite one! hahaha 😉
    But for real, CONGRATS! Datz so cooooL! Have fun! and cant wait to read ur experience!!~ :))
    ps: nice fat photo! haha

  2. Dear Blah,

    Received your insult on another post about the Royal Caribbean posts/my blog posts. I would like to say that I wish you well in life and God bless you. I hope you go to heaven!

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