ATTENTION FRIENDS: If you are a friend, I need 30 seconds of your life

Running in a newspaper near you… The top 10 bloggers appearing in our first publicity ad for the Royal Caribbean Cruise Adventure contest.

The Business Times. 21 December 2010, Page 16.

Heard that we are appearing tonight in the Chinese papers Sin Min and Wan Bao as well.

We came, we sailed, we are trying to conquer…

You can read about my royal (Caribbean) cruise adventures here on my blog posts:
1) My first contest post which landed me the spot in the contest’s top 10: The Legend of the Sea – Captain’s Rules
2) Pre-trip cruise entry/teaser: A sailor’s season greetings and special gesture3)
3) Post-trip cruise entry: Dear Diary Day 1
Or on my official OMY feature blog.

I’m not a famous blogger like a few of the rest, I’m not as pretty as some of the other models/tv actresses, in fact I’m a brand NEW blogger with zero fan base!

I only have a passion for pictures and living life for these moments… I love to travel and I love writing about it.

Will you be my friend and vote for me?

A 7D5N Western Mediterranean Fly-Cruise onboard Liberty of the Seas
Departure date: 25 Apr 2011
Ports-of-call: Barcelona, Cannes, Livorno (Florence/Pisa), Civitevecchia

If you have 30 SECONDS to help me realize my dreams, or if you are my friend, PLEASE VOTE HERE!

(You don’t need to fill out your blog url/facebook url if you don’t want. Everyone is allowed to vote once a day!)

Your 30 seconds will go a long way – u stand to win prizes! Worth more than $3700! A 2-piece luggage set from Royal Caribbean International!

Maybe because of YOUR vote, I get to go to Europe!

So excited! So many “!!!”


I’m not that special… you can be a Royal Caribbean sailor too… ;-D

***Congratulations as well to Josephine Cheng – one of my contest entry readers who has earned herself 40% off a Royal Caribbean cruise holiday just by emailing me! (It was that easy.)
Please note that my reader contest for 40% off cruise room prices is now CLOSED.
Thank you.***


One thought on “ATTENTION FRIENDS: If you are a friend, I need 30 seconds of your life

  1. I find this contest very boring… I checked the ‘winners’… mostly the same sorts…
    Guess I read enough of your blog. It’s interesting. I am not allowed to drink, so the crazy nightlife showed here is an eye opener… And I am not allowed to be so crazy as well. So it’s interesting to see so many funny aspects of life here. But the more I read… it’s always the same… drink, craziness, advert, travel…
    Eye opener…

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