Reality check

Living in present-day 2010 has its modern-day hazards.

This is really scary for me to receive, and as much as I constantly defend the PROS of the internet and our powerful social media platforms, sometimes I forget its CONS can really hit home… hard.

Thank you Facebook and Don.

This is also why I want to watermark my photos!

This is NOT a good end to 2010, and an upsetting start to what will soon be 2011.

Safeguard yourself and your privacy settings this new year girls… Remember that if you share it on the internet, someone else could be sharing it too.


3 thoughts on “Reality check

  1. Man, that really sucks! Hope you got the IP of the pic thief and opened a can of virtual whup a** on him/her/it.

    Hope 2011 is a better year for one and all. 2010 was a turbulent year with many ups and downs but it’s over and we’ve all survived it.

    Ad meliora


    • Hi Leon 🙂 Thanks so much! The person refuses to give out anymore information so I’m afraid my search is at a dead end. I’m quite pissed off though! I think anyone would be rightly worried. I really need to rethink my privacy settings on all my social media I guess. Anyway thanks for always reading my nonsense… Haha. Do you have a blog I can read too? 🙂

      • Lol, no O Digitally Verbose One, i prefer to talk with people face to face or on MSN instead of blogging, it’s a touch more personal that way (at least to me) but then again, am probably an old fossil, old too soon wise too late.

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