Twitter dee, twitter dum – Twitter Thoughts

Another social media platform, Twitter has taken to the stage and found a following (no pun intended) among everyone from 18 year-old camera whores and foul-mouthed boys on cheeky channels, to 60 year-old older and wiser men.

Amidst all the scattered twittered thoughts though, I must admit there is still some treasure among much trash.
(I follow the 60 year-old older wiser latter – my favourite intelligent entrepreneurs.)

Before Dec 2010, I had never really used Twitter and I had never subjected my friends to my digital verbal diarrhea (much). However, because of a blogging competition I had joined which required me to fully utilize all the social media platforms possible, I conformed.

Why would anyone want to read my thoughts?
And for the rare few that do, do I want them knowing my treasure trove of thoughts?

Never mind. Now, I tweet the thoughts that thrive in my mind.

Now, i have jitters about Twitter.

Now, i am suddenly very social-media self-conscious.

Much rather like the concept of Inception, by knowing what someone thinks, are you subconsciously thinking it too?

If you follow me on Twitter, my thoughts are no longer my own…
Through twitter, I’m actually invading your thoughts with mine…

How’s everybody doing? Are my tweets annoying? Am I annoying?


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