Stole this from someone 🙂

Clubbing once in a while was fun, but I think I am going to do a lot more quiet TV weekends at home – starting with Big Bang Theory and ending with How I Met Your Mother new seasons/desperate re-runs.


2 thoughts on “Legendary

  1. LOL, i’ve just finished reading ‘Girl with the dragon tattoo’ by Stieg Larsson, won’t bore with details nor post spoilers as these are freely available to anyone with 2 working index fingers and basic Net surfing skills. Anyway, happened to see I had email at 4.32 a.m ?!?! Couldn’t put the book down.

    Funny poster, great to hit the sack with some humor to end the night.

    Oh and after having read the posts on your cruise, it’s time to start exploring options for a trip.

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