Shock (Miracle) of the Day/Week/Year

I was on the OMY page surfing for updates and got a big shock today…

My Royal Caribbean Day 4 post (I posted it last week I think?) is on the tab for “the most viewed” AND “the most commented”!

I rubbed my eyes HARD. Wah, sure or not??!?

MOST VIEWED: 2143 views

MOST COMMENTED: 17 comments

But still cannot fight Alvinology‘s blog lah…

I thought I had 3 readers only (My mom, my dad and my best friend)!

I’m completely serious. For a totally new blogger like me to receive such support, it cannot be just luck right? It must be a miracle!

This post is to my friends who have been supportive (you know who you are) – and everyone who has voted for me, read my posts or watched my videos.

Thank you so much! Feel free to drop me a note at or twitter @estellekiora so I can say thank you personally.

AHEMMMMM – But if you have not voted at all for anyone yet, please place a vote HERE!.

You don’t have to vote for me, but do read the entries by my fellow fun bloggers. Each of us, divided to conquer, had such a good time that they have even greater things to say about each of their own unique experiences.

PS: I have a video coming up soon – it’s my favourite one yet! 😀


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