Video: Sexy Sailors of Royal Caribbean

The Royal Caribbean cruise series is almost over and this last post/video is dedicated to everyone who has voted for me, read my posts or watched my videos. YOU are awesome.

This video is secondly dedicated to our spectacular hosts at Royal Caribbean, their one-man-show ad agency person Stanley Chan, the encouraging OMY crew and my fellow top 10 bloggers aka partners-in-crime – We definitely made some waves onboard, as well as memories.

Watch out for these superstars featured in my video:

Calvin Timo is the baby of the group, but by no means incompetent. I have been following his blog from the first time I met him – he is a food blogger so I found a new kaki to jio for makan!
Catherine Ling is one of my favourite wordsmiths to date – her pen is mightier than any sword. She also has really cute kids!
Mui Yee was one of my favourite ladies on the trip. She’s Malaysian, blogs in Chinese, speaks fluent business-level Japanese and makes everyone feel good about themselves. She’s just an all-round nice person! PS: Her pictures are fantastic. They make me daydream!
Cherie was uncontestedly the sweetheart of the group, and I definitely enjoyed my early morning/late night moments with her. Her cruise posts are done in a special storytelling style.
Keropokman is in IT like me, so I ‘get’ his techy side. Physically he comes across as a simple and easy-going guy, but has one of the most interesting online personas in Singapore, and some say Malaysia!
Darren I feel, is the male bikini version of me! I am not sure if he will admit it though. 😉 He is so funny in person, and it translates very well on his blog and written posts.
Eunice‘s one of the most well-respected travel bloggers I have ever met! I am a new fan and friend.
Yee Leong blogs in Mandarin so admittedly I don’t understand all of it, but his postcard-perfect pictures keep me coming back to his blog a few times a week. You must read his blog!
Christine is the last but not the least. The better half of our oceanview stateroom, us roommates were stuck to each other like glue, both on and off the boat. She is brutally honest, charming, and the most uncensored girl I have met. OMY could not have better placed together these two peas in a pod.

Video tip: Watch till the end to see my bikini buddy in James Bond Island, Phuket.

Estelle Kiora’s travel challenge: Featuring Sexy Sailors of Royal Caribbean

*****End of Royal Caribbean Series*****

VOTING ENDS 18 JAN 2011. please place a vote HERE!.


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