Chinese new year pull your ear

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What is Chinese New Year and why must eat Reunion Dinner?

Singaporeans like me await and celebrate the event of Chinese New Year – marked by the first day of the first month of the Chinese Lunar Calendar. There are many myths and traditions related to CNY, but all you really need to know for now is CNY is the Chinese community’s most important and longest celebration in the entire year.

来 来 来 Lai lai lai! (Direct translation to English: Come come come!)

Best known for its 14-day long festivities and allowing everyone around us to enjoy traditions from lion dances and Lantern festival to the offerings of ‘Ang Baos’ (red packets filled with money to represent well wishes of prosperity for the new year), it’s no wonder all my Ang Moh (caucasian) friends want to share this special day with me. Shiok (Good) for them lah.

Reunion dinner, also known as 团圆饭, happens on Chinese New Year’s Eve (the date changes every year in retrospect to the Chinese Lunar calendar thing I previously mentioned) and is fondly remembered in my life as one of the most important family dinners of the year.

Reunion dinner = Cannot skip for any other appointment, can or may not be at a restaurant, a time to gather and get-together with other family members, usually equals sitting down around a round table to eat steamboat as well as eat, eat, eat, meat.
***In anticipation of Chinese New Year and yummy reunion dinners, a few of my friends have congregated online and caught my attention. They were all on the topic of a local movie coming out called ‘Homecoming‘.

Now, to be honest, I rarely pay attention to local films – not because they are substandard (sometimes they can be though) – but because I spend all my box office money on the usual Hollywood blockbusters.

Not only did the anticipation of ‘Homecoming’ garner a whooping 145 facebook comments from these few friends, well its 145 FACEBOOK COMMENTS MAN!

I blanked out some of the text to keep parts of our Facebook privacy intact. Said friends were in the midst of planning to to catch the movie, and excitement surrounding Jack Neo, Ah Niu, and other gossip was exchanged. Reason enough to have a peek… I googled the movie.

The one and only Singaporean Chinese New Year movie to watch – HOMECOMING
Date of release 3rd Feb 2011

HOMECOMING – produced and brought to you by Home Run Asia
Supporting media: OMY SG

Funny/funny looking people I am actually interested in watching in HOMECOMING are…

Singaporean comedian – Mark Lee

Malaysian singer and songwriter – Ah Niu, most popular for his song here.

Singaporean actress and beauty – Jacelyn Tay

Singaporean film director turned temporary movie actor: Jack Neo

*To me and to most, the show-stealer is sex-scandal tainted film director Jack Neo who will have his own homecoming in Homecoming, in character ‘Karen Neo’ as the movie’s lead actor (actress?).*
My idea of the movie synopsis: Basically a comedic roadtrip stretching from Singapore to Malaysia, as the key characters rush to make it in time for Chinese New Year reunion dinner.

Better to watch the trailer…

CALLING ALL MOVIE BUFFS – Singaporeans, Malaysians and Ang Mohs!

Forget Hollywood for one weekend. Do yourself as well as your local economy a favour this (Chinese) new year and catch – what I believe to be – one of the better (and funnier) local movies coming out.

If there are any Singaporean movies you will ever watch (this year, till the end of your life, etc), this is the ONLY Chinese New Year movie to watch!


4 thoughts on “Chinese new year pull your ear

  1. don’t forget the ‘lou hei’ and sad that no one attended at Helipad, well, some came down but not that many, no hordes of humanity were apparent

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