Dating advice #452

I’ve been selected to film for a Valentine’s Day series dating show thing next week.

An established dating consultant who I’m really excited to meet will give me dating advice, after which she will send me to the lion’s den… aka I have to go for + be filmed during a blind date! Yikes.

Although I wish I could be the consultant instead of the ‘consultee’ (I always talk about dating and love myself, so to be juxtaposed as the ‘victim’ and be in character for that episode will be a little ironic!) – I still think it would be cool.

Given my obsession with understanding human relations, social conventions and spaces… Why not?
I’ll write more about it later on but meantime, I must share some important dating advice with all the girls I know.


5 thoughts on “Dating advice #452

  1. And ladies, if a guy forgoes the finals of the EPL to go out with you for a nice romantic walk, he’s done something REALLY wrong!

  2. This actually sounds like so much fun!!~
    If a video ends up being released then you MUST share with your Fans (which ofcourse includes me) 😉

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