I can’t wait for you to get here!

My brother/sister/food kaki/playstation buddy/handbag holder/almost-my-best-friend David Tang is stopping by Singapore to visit me sometime in March, en route from his hometown in Sydney to destination Paris.

I generally don’t talk about any of my friends in any sort of depth on my ‘blog’, but I am really excited.

Since he joined a reality TV show called HP SPACE last year and WON it, he basically had to move back to Sydney as part of his winning deal for a ‘dream job’ to work with cult anime movie Bubblegum Crisis – which did not actually even happen in the end – leaving poor me in Singapore, one-true-friend-less.

I just googled him for fun and was quite taken aback that he’s so famous online. Not really. But honestly it seems to me that the show had lots of fantastic coverage – TV series on MTV channel, online episodes, video diaries, personality blogs, etc. Really cool.

I like this article they wrote about him here.

This is David Tang’s blog… I don’t know if you would like it, but I do. I read it when I need to laugh till my guts hurt.

He’s just the most incredible funny-looking I mean funny person.

His blog is orange… what a designer thing to do *rolls eyes*.

If you need a good print designer, or an accomplished art director who can basically adapt his creativity across other trades (ie which is what he did on the show HP SPACE), I’m sure you can give him a holler.

I miss you Tang and we will rock Singapore Boon Tong Kee with your small nerdy presence!


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