127 hours

Just watched 127 hours, a terrifying yet transcendent movie with emotion that not only stretches you from the stones to the sky, it pushes you to the edge of the cliff… and then pushes you some more.

FIlmmaker Danny Boyle, famous for his work on Slumdog Millionaire, did not have to cross cultures or move mountains (no pun intended) this time, with this very bold (no pun intended again) film based on young mountain climber Aron Ralston’s life and book “Between a Rock and a Hard Place”. The life-altering experience starts the stones rolling when Aron Ralston’s arm gets wedged in between a rock wall and a big boulder during one of his frivolous outdoor adventures. His cries for help are lost against the harsh yet beautiful backdrop of nature’s playground.

James Franco*, who plays victim and hero Aron Ralston, is a stunning point-of-view performer who takes us on his 127 hour (almost 5 day long) journey of physical, mental and emotional suffering.

Let me warn you though, this is no action movie – the entire movie is a far more simple premise around complex character development and no outfit changes. The only action I got was seeing a bunch of naked bodies in the middle of a blizzard, and the static switch in between several stunning cinematography perspectives.
(You will see what I mean if you watch the trailer.)

I really enjoyed the film, but so much more in addition to that, the film makes me enjoy life.

Let’s just say I felt like such a waste of space as I glued my eyes to the panoramic screen, cringing as I chomped on my takeaway dinner of MacDonalds.

If you did not have a reason to already, this film will give you a will to live – and a will not to lose. It will also hypothetically lift you up to fly the skies like a free raven and pursue everything you have ever dreamed of.

James Franco*: Did you know? This talented actor writes too. He wrote Palo Alto. He’s such a sexy man.

Thanks to my girl Andrea for inviting me to the Power98 FM movie screening of ‘127 hours’ and for the ride home.


8 thoughts on “127 hours

  1. I enjoyed the film too. It definitely gave me a jolt of energy in terms of wanting to live my life, make the most of everything. We are blessed.

    James Franco was so good, even though I was wondering how eerily similar he and Jeff Buckley look.

    May I also question the rationale being bringing food into the show? You did know beforehand that he cut his arm off in the movie right? 😛

    • Hey there, hehe I had absolutely no idea he was going to cut his arm off, spoiler alert! I generally don’t like ruining the climax… 🙂 Although, I guess the climax in this wasn’t the actual action of cutting his arm off (that seemed inevitable), but rather the climax was the crucible of the journey and his emotion towards everything. Definitely fresh and inspiring.

      Who is Jeff Buckley? Must google him…

      What other shows do you like that you think I might like?

  2. this makes me want to get over my fear and watch it. I can’t bear to watch the part where his arm gets stuck etc..I am quite chicken…but if it’s uplifting then I better try. I do like James Franco a lot.

    • Hello, I never really experienced James Franco truly until this film, I am definitely a new fan… yes that part is grimy and gory 0.0 U need to shut your eyes! The pros outweigh the cons…

      Uplifting > bleeding hand 😛

      BTW Thanks to your blog post on hong bao river (which I have been circulating around Facebook), I managed to check it out today with friends and we had an absolute ball! Thank you thank you 😀

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