Royal Caribbean Cruise Adventure – 2 winners

Remember the Royal Caribbean Cruise Adventure blogging competition I was spamming you about? Ah yes, how can you forget. The results were announced this week at the Royal Caribbean Tanjong Pagar office…

Photo credit: Darren

I really did not expect to win… and I also did not win. But really, I am delighted and honoured enough to have been part of the selected top 10, and have had the chance to rub shoulders/swim/eat/chill/travel/tour/party with all of the other bloggers, all around our media trip around Asia. 🙂

phuket enjoy

Not many new bloggers can say they have had a chance to cruise around Asia, on one of the nicest cruise-liners in the world, on a sponsored week-long trip – I am truly blessed that I had that epic experience given to me!

Congratulations again to my dear bloggers Fong Yee Leong and Darren Ng who won the competition! No one deserves the prize more than these two! Check out their blogs linked…

They are not the only winners though.

My friends Jaime Eak Liu and Timothy Ng voted for me (I think) – guys, this looks like your names on the voters’ winners list here? 😛 If it is, it means you won the luggage set prizes and it also means I am very grateful for your votes!

Thank you again to all my friends, online and offline, who have voted or supported me in one way or another. I feel like a winner in life already!

Thank you again and do come and talk to me online or in real life, who knows – you may be the one to inspire my next rant or my many writings!

Every day a different destination.


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