5 quick ways to re-brand yourself with Facebook

For today’s “Sunday Love” weekly column that I seem to have trouble writing weekly, I will talk about one of my favourite loves – Facebook.

My friends and I were talking about privacy/stalking on Facebook the other day, as well as the kind of judgements most people make.

I inevitably broke down my Facebook profile in my head.

In a pre-dominantly Chinese-speaking community and country where ‘face’ means everything, how about the ‘face’ in Facebook?

Am I the proud owner of a workplace-friendly PG13 Facebook, or is my Facebook making me lose ‘face’?

5 quick ways to re-brand yourself with Facebook

#1: Info page
Many people forget that 2nd or 3rd degree connections can commonly view your info page.
Do you really want your boss to see that under “Interests”, you have listed “wasting time”, “boozing” or “getting laid”? What does your info page say?

#2: Pages and Groups
A lot of people create and join pages and groups of all sorts. Some have multi-purpose, and some have no purpose.
“Join this group so we have 100,000 people who like beer and sleeping”, “Beer for breakfast lunch and dinner” or “I am always late” – all these Facebook purposes have zero purpose in helping me to achieve my life goals.
Also, the only people I will attract is other beer-drinking late-comers. Ugh.

#3: All rounded
It’s not enough to be handsome.
These days, its more fun to have some sort of travel profile photo, a sleek action shot of you doing some sort of sport or stand out with an over-photoshopped or ‘hipstamatic’ pic. Why not try adding profile pictures of you cuddling a baby? Or better – a doe-eyed puppy kitten? Guys, you’ll be surprised how popular you will be online overnight. Chicks love this.

#4: Professional image
Professional profile VS Party profile
Delete any party photos you may have in your profile – unless of course your profession favours a party picture image.

#5: Block everyone from seeing your tagged photos.
Did you know? If someone tags you in a photo album, depending on that album’s privacy settings, your facebook friends/friends of friends may be able to go through the entire album and look at photos of you that you were not even tagged in to begin with.
Yes it has happened, and it has also gotten me in trouble before!

You can always upload the ones you like, but this selective process gives you better control.


Disclaimer: I am not a social media guru, I just love my social media platforms.

Science says we get 3-30 seconds in making a first impression on someone in real life.
I wonder how long someone takes to get a first impression of my Facebook profile?

Don’t add me on Facebook though – I don’t like people making judgements about my Facebook profile!


2 thoughts on “5 quick ways to re-brand yourself with Facebook

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