Lunchtime tech read: iPad 2

Out of curiosity, I’ve been reading a few articles about the iPad 2, coming out VERY soon in more mature markets like the US, Japan and Australia (circa March 2011).

Singaporeans however, will have to wait it out for the official release here is sometime in July 2011. If you have itchy backside, I guess you can get someone to bring it in from overseas for you/order online.

Basically, there are a number of tablet computers competiting against the iPad – the most worthy opponent being the Samsung Galaxy – but it might be pretty hard to beat Apple’s dominant position… in a market that it created.

Some more, the new iPad 2 is said to be more than just ‘tweaked’ – boasting of features such as Facetime, front as well as back cameras that are easily interchangeable while live video conferencing, Photobooth, A5 dualcore processor, x9 graphic speed… not to mention it is 33% thinner. Steady bo pi pi.

Who has the iPad 1? Would you still get the iPad 2?

Gizmodo: Sh!t My Jobs Says: iPad 2 Edition

(I wouldn’t get this, not because I don’t recognize its portable prowess, but I simply do not have the need/space in my life for the Apple triple threat MacPro + iPhone 4 + iPad.)


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