Dating show episode is up: How to fall in love…

……. Or not.




On Valentine’s Day this year, I posted an entry Valentine’s Day desperate edition: Get someone to fix your date.

I filmed the last episode of a dating show in Singapore, which is currently up on OMY SG’s website in some video snippets (you can read more details and see more pictures of the dating series/filming in the previous post as linked above).

Featuring: Lunch Actually’s CEO Violet Lim, OMY SG online journo Hock Chuan, Cookie my dog, and last but not least – my poor date, Jonathan Lee from the local entertainment industry!


No sexy sexy on a date… No telling the guy I stalked him on Facebook… No taking photos during a date like he’s an exhibit… No asking him to share food… No asking him how much he earns – although I did save the day by offering to pay my share for dinner.

Don’t let Facebook ruin your date! Click here to see everything a girl can do wrong on a date… Please don’t make the same mistakes as me. Ever! 🙂

All photo and video credits: OMY SG & Lunch Actually
Girls: I know plenty of girls who won’t touch their wallet after a date. Always offer to pay your share after a date. It shows respect for the male, and respect for yourself!


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