American memories and family ties

Throwback to 15 years ago.

My 2 cousins, brother and I are in Florida. It was our first time in America and I cannot seem to remember what we did, but it must have been naughty enough to warrant a punishment.

Back then, their father, my uncle, a C-level boss of an MNC, meant business when he made us stand on little squares of paper for 1-2 hours. Maybe it was longer… Or maybe it just felt like eternity. I remember fidgeting constantly and not being able to fit my toes into all of the square. The more I got yelled at, the more I squirmed and shuffled my feet.

I don’t remember the point of the exercise, and I don’t remember much else about Florida – except that I rode a really scary rollercoaster in Disneyland and my Mom was more scared than us kids were. And Roger Rabbit stole my cookies.

Flashback to the present.

I’m going to America tonight… Its going to be a long few weeks. Although its mainly a business trip, I’m sure I’ll enjoy myself a bit more this time. I hope there are no punishments, and that I’ll get to see my cousin who’s living in New York.

It makes me a little sad to see the kids in my memories all grown up and grown apart.

If any of you ever read this, please know that family is always first and I miss the three of you.


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