Starting today, have a Coke Float at McDonald’s and think of me & under privileged children

20 May, 2010

I alighted from my white and red coloured local bus, tapping out my EZ link card while my weary feet tapped onto the mortar ground. It was a dark Friday evening, and I ambled on to my dinner destination, unassuming. My dinner destination was a short walk away and I didn’t quite mind, although the air tasted warm and the quiet was barely a buzz or a chirp. Anxious to get back into a bit of air-con, I walked a bit more briskly along a stretch on Bukit Timah Road. Whoops, I was also a little late.

Yes, I know that Bukit Timah has a ton of fancy restaurants, but one of McDonald’s newest 24-7 outlets at Alocassia apartments on Bukit Timah Road beckoned. This is where I had to be.



I’ve always wanted to celebrate my birthday at McDonald’s – even my 30 year old friends have celebrating their coming of age there!

Hence, it was an honour to be invited by Coca-Cola and McDonald’s, as they celebrate the former’s 125th anniversary by sharing their own birthday with a group of (much) younger underprivileged children. These 8 May birthday babies were definitely nowhere near 125 years old, and are currently being taken care of by two local charities – The Children’s Aid Society and The Salvation Army Gracehaven. To see them do this is actually better than fulfilling my childhood wish.


Screen shot 2011-05-26 at AM 01.38.40

McDonald’s french fries, Coca-Cola and 82 very cute youth beneficiaries + family + friends + volunteers somehow all melded together into one big happy meal. It was fun to watch and happiness in my heart, but made me feel a glimmer of guilt knowing that not only did I not share my birthday last year with any under-privileged kids, but I had instead celebrated it rather frivolously…

Now. Back to the now. Granted, no point crying over spilt milk, and so I slurped and sipped on the-exclusive-all-new-not-yet-released Coke Float with Steve and Tiffany, while knowing I was participating in a good thing.


(Once in awhile, I will indulge, and I will work off those calories later.)

With the marketing heads of McDonald’s and Coca-Cola – Linda, Kevin and June (L-R)

Big bottle, big donations

I think its great that McDonald’s and Coca-Cola are giving back to the community. Coca-Cola also donated $5,000 each to both of the charities and the Ronald McDonald House Charities at the event – if I manage to collect $5000 on my next birthday, I promise to donate it to a charity of my choice!

Maybe this year, I should start collecting birthday charity donations from all my friends a little earlier.

Mr Ronald McDonald gave me a little early birthday present collectible. He even signed it?!

Birthday presents seem to be early this year for everyone else too! For the first time in Asia-Pacific, Coca-Cola collectors can get their hands on a series of colored Coca-Cola can glasses, free with every large Extra Value Meal (excluding breakfast) all across Singapore. What colour do you like the best? (While stocks last.)

Screen shot 2011-05-26 at AM 01.39.07

The new-on-the-menu Coke Float and collectible glasses will be available at McDonald’s starting from 26 May, today!

***PSST – Coca-cola is also looking for Singapore’s biggest fan. If you or anyone you know has the biggest and best coca-cola brand collection, please get in touch with me – there may be some cool prizes waiting for you.***


Happy birthday kids. And happy 125th birthday, Coca-Cola!


Maybe when the kids grow up, they can upgrade their birthday in McDonalds to celebrating their marriage in McDonalds.

Would you like a wedding with that?

Full article on the McDonald’s wedding in Hong Kong here.

Never mind extra value in your meal – would you like a spicy McBride?


5 thoughts on “Starting today, have a Coke Float at McDonald’s and think of me & under privileged children

  1. Wow, your Coke Float is in regular size! Haha. It’s a little bigger in Manila. I was surprised that it’s “all new” there in SG. We’ve had for so long here, I basically grew up with it!

    I am yet to have my own McDonald’s party. Happy 125 years to McDonald’s! 🙂

    • Haha thanks Dani! It’s Coca-cola which is turning 125 years old, not McDonald’s 😛 It’s so nice to hear from you again, I must go back to your blog more regularly, I was in the US for 3 weeks and with so much to do its been a while since I’ve visited! How is manila? How long have you been blogging for? Your posts are interesting! There are maaaany bloggers in SG, but they mostly just post photos of themselves and the content is quite random, really. Is it the same with filipino bloggers?

      • Oh hey, sorry about that. I was too caught up with a McDonald’s moment. 🙂

        I’ve been blogging since college (around 3 years ago) but I set up my current blog just last year. Thank you! That’s really unexpected from someone I find really interesting. 🙂 There are a variety of bloggers here, some like the ones you described. There are blogs that are solely dedicated to food or travel and a few other things. 🙂

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