Singapore Blog Awards 2011

Humans are a curious people. Perverts, too.

They love watching reality tv shows which have nothing to do with them, and checking out the Facebook profiles of people they don’t know. They also enjoy reading the blogs of friends of friends, of friend’s friend’s friends; looking at lives that they don’t lead.

Yeah, I see you. And I do all of the above too.

My blog has been selected and shortlisted for the Singapore Blog Awards, top 10 in the lifestyle category, and it’s all thanks to you curious people, and the celebration of social media perving on one another.

To thank you for your support (or boredom, either of which I hope there will be more of), I’m listing here 5 of my NEW favorite blogs from all across different categories that I had never heard of before but now I.. can’t.. stop.. reading… Maybe you’ll like them too. (I don’t know any of these bloggers.)

1) Mr Toilet Seat Welcomes You – A “what-the-heck” blog, aptly titled. You’ll either think he’s weird, or very weird. I don’t know this guy, but maybe I just have a weakness for Asian-Aussie male… humour. He talks about Lee Kuan Yew too.

2) kianhongphotography – Stunning photographers and insights. I don’t know this guy but I wish this blog was mine.

3) Fuzzyeyeballs – Another interesting photography blog. Can you tell I like photography blogs?

4) Daniel’s Food Diary – A very local food blog with side serve of wise words.

5) Jeffrey and Flora: Living in Singapore – Young expats living in Singapore. Blog about traveling and exploring, in their neighborhood or abroad.

Some of my friends’ travel and photography blogs are also running for the gold in this competition. They are under the category of travel or photography, but they do both pretty well!
Foo Yee Leong
Mui Ee
Darren Ng
Eunice Khong

Catherine Ling
Calvin Timo


Please support the blogging community and vote for me OR any other blog you like! Please? If not, who else will put up content for you to perv on?

My GYSB Best Lifestyle Category on Singapore Blog Awards

We dont need an award to tell us we’re super awesome, but it would be nice. It takes 10 seconds to register and vote, VOTE HERE!

Peace out!


5 thoughts on “Singapore Blog Awards 2011

  1. Thanks so much for linking to my blog and your support! I’m really surprised I even made it to the top 10. Totally flattering.

    Good luck!

    • Hey Flora you’re welcome! I think that you found a niche to blog about, many of my expat friends would prefer going out for a drink over blogging. So all the best in the comp! 🙂

  2. Don’t call yourself a pervert, probably just somebody with ‘extraordinary’ level of curiosity. haha! Congrats to you and thanks for linking my blog here! All the best to you too!

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