Twitter has a new search engine for photos and videos

My key takeaways from the article:

“TWITTER has overhauled its service and is offering direct media uploads in tweets and automatic link shortening, and a new search engine that includes photos and video searching.”

“Media can now be #hashtagged — something that will impact on media sharing and search optimisation generally.”

“The underlying assumption of social media searching is that users are increasingly spending time finding links to news and information through Twitter and Facebook recommendations, and less by searching directly in search engines.”

“Not only will it deliver more relevant tweets when you search for something or click on a trending topic, but it will also show you related photos and videos, right there on the results page.”

Yes, yes and yes please. Thank you!


I am still trying to figure out the capabilities of hashtags though. Anyone able to offer me an opinion on that area? 🙂


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