Today, A Guy Asked Me To Have Sex With Him

It was an early breezy Tuesday morning, no different from any other Tuesdays. But as I turned around the corner, not far from my office, a dark-skinned Indian looking man paced up to me.

His first words were, “You are so beautiful, do you work around here?”

What, no hello?

I looked up from the mortar ground that I am usually staring at when I walk to work. He was skinny and tall, but not too tall, and his eyes were intense behind thin metal-frame rimmed glasses. Was he going to try and sell me something?

“Yes I work around here… Why?”

“I just got here from the US and I’m looking for some new friends. Would you like to have sex with me?”

Is this guy for real? I stared at him, his sweat dripped down his face and stuck to his striped shirt. He looked a bit hot and bothered, but I am sure it wasn’t me making him sweat – he was assertive, not nervous, and he does look like he could be fresh off the boat. He may not be used to our local heat. I pondered over his accent though, and being somewhat travelled, I recognized that it was not purely American.

This guy was serious, and he was waiting for my response. I easily answered no.

“Why not? It’s a free world. That means you and I can have sex.”

“Uh, that’s great for you, but my world does not work that way.”

He kept asking me why not, and finally I said to go away because I had a boyfriend.

I am so angry with myself that I said that! Firstly, because I don’t have a boyfriend, so there was no reason for me to lie to this stranger. Secondly, why should I be making up an excuse for HIS flawed behavior?

Anyway, after I said the boyfriend thing, he kind of realized that the ship had sailed and he asked me where he could find, quote and unquote, “hookers”.

“Do you know anywhere I can pick up girls in Singapore? Who would like to have sex? Like hookers?”

“Yeah! You should go to Orchard Towers, Geylang, Brix.”

I actually had to describe these places to him and how he could get there, directions, etc before he left me alone.

Not before he tried again though… “You have really nice titties.”

“Alright that’s enough. Please leave.”

Have I just been harassed? The guys I told this to wanted to go look for him. They also said I might be right, this offender may not be American… he could even be Canadian.


22 thoughts on “Today, A Guy Asked Me To Have Sex With Him

  1. wwwwwttttttttttttffffffffffffffffffffff!!!! Watta pathetic, wack, hella ugly sounding dude!
    Hope his penis gets infected and falls off!!!~ >=[

  2. What a creep! You lied about the boyfriend as you needed to do that in the situation so it’s ok…don’t worry about that aspect. You were probably too nice to him overall..telling him where to go to get his shag. Should have just told him to fuck off!

    You’re a pretty lady and you can virtually guarantee that if you were not then he might not have asked you. I remember a very pretty friend saying to me that she wished she was uglier so she wouldn’t get so much attention. I can sort of see her point but it’s not right that you should be subjected to that sort of idiot’s actions just because you are pretty!

    • Thanks Chris… Such nice words, appreciate it 🙂 But seriously, I’m not really pretty and I was all boring sans makeup in work clothes! It’s nothing to do with being pretty, but everything to do with being female. And him being mentally unstable

      • Agree that it’s probably more to do with being female than being pretty

        but…disagree with the comment that you’re not really pretty…you are!!!!!

  3. omg! are u serious? that’s just disgusting and he must be really desperate to be so in need of sex. dont feel bad about telling him that you have a bf though… u did what you have to do to protect yourself and get away from the ugly situation.

    • Hi babe! Honoured to have you reading my page 🙂 I’m still upset I said I had a bf, but if I said “no, because you’re pathetic” he could have snapped and done something mentally unstable… Brrr. I wonder how many unsound people have been let into Singapore?

  4. Lol! I once had a guy call me every day, twice a day, asking me to have sex with him. He probably picked up my number and name from my wedding card invite (probably a lost card in the mail). He said it in Chinese, like “Bing, want to make love?” I was traumatised at that time, but now I think it’s hilarious. There’re crazy peeps out there. You’ll survive. =)

  5. Hi Estelle,

    A good read because it is not only hilarious but also written in a very vivid and real manner; interesting distraction from the grind of daily work.

  6. A man offered to freely share an incredibly pleasurable and enjoyable activity(sex) with you.

    For making this offer, you felt he was harassing you and that he is an “offender” (“please won’t somebody save me, this man is offering to freely share pleasure with me!”)

    To make things even more perverse, you appear to spend substantial amounts of time, money and effort on clothing and cosmetics with the goal of making yourself appear overtly sexually attractive(note the photos in this blog of you posing in skin-hugging and skin-revealing clothing; draping your body over a sportscar wearing a bikini top; wearing a cleavage-bearing top with bunny ears on your head.)

    The sickness, anxiety, irrationality, self-denial and self-contradiction in things sexual continues…..

  7. In another, more recent, post to this blog you(Estelle) wrote:

    “Most times though, I wish I could say what I’m really thinking.
    That “it’s cold”, “I need to pee”, “I am not interested in the things you are saying” or ” I am craving some chocolate ice-cream”.

    I wish I could tell people who I really am, what I hate and love, what makes my heart burst, or about my saviour Jesus who put this soul in my body. Those things are truly what makes me “me”. ”

    I’m going to let you in on what might be a bit of a secret: the great majority of single heterosexual men, if they were more honest, sincere and frank(in the way that you champion in the quotes above) would immediately upon meeting a woman proposition her for sex(so long as she was not outright physically repellent.)

    I can guarantee that almost any time a previously unknown single heterosexual man communicates with you and he does not proposition you for sex within the first 30 seconds, he is on a fundamental level being insincere, hiding his true thoughts and feelings and in a certain sense lying to you.

    The reality is that the man who did proposition you for sex is actually one of few(only?) men you have ever met who was practicing the frankness and sincerity that you claim to crave.

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