My Big Baby Blue

Whether I’m flying around or running on the ground, I always try to take a second to look up in the air.

Fly blue

Sky blue

Sea blue

City blue

Swimming blue

Holiday blue

I find it weird,
Some find it funny –
That Monday blues
They just don’t scare me!

The colour blue
It’s warm
It’s water
It soothes

Vast, azure,
Baby blue hues.
They remind me of the happy days
When I had nothing to do.

I wish I could wear the sky
Pluck the colour from its high
I’d call it my
Big baby blue.

Can you tell I am in love with the colour baby blue? I have a new favourite dress, and no kidding, my friends say I look SO comfortable in it that they can’t cease teasing me. Someone called it “sleepwear fashion”.

Well, I think the colour is too pretty to sleep in – it’s bright and it’s blue and I want to show it to you! Here I go dreaming again…


The smooth cotton is almost silky, not too thin nor hot enough to sweat in. It looks like a baggy t-shirt dress, and I wear it with my American Outfitters Eagle khaki cap and thongs for a super casual look.

Pockets in, stomach out! Very useful if you are going to eat as much as me and my friends do.

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I paired it with electric pink/black leather wedges, hot pink plastic cuff, and a black studded belt from Hong Kong. I would be a rock chick if I could control my megawatt smile…

Like what you see? Keep dreaming at Amelie-Anne’s Blogshop. They also have this quirky Pinnochio necklace which is forcing me to tell the truth ALL the time now…

… And a whole lot of other darling dresses.

Thanks to the latest collection at Amelie-Anne’s Blogshop, there’s no more need for me to dream of pretty blue things.

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