Would You Put Your Glasses Through Earth, Wind, Water, Fire? I Did.

My eyesight means the world to me, literally. I can’t see a thing in this world without my glasses – my degree on the left eye is 8.00 (almost legally blind)! So, besides my love for fruits, there’s another reason why my parents call me a bat. Maybe as a kid, I shouldn’t have watched TV upside down.

I’m not a kid anymore, but I still wear prescribed glasses and it was time to get them tested. When Crizal spectacle lenses made me their newest ambassador, I decided to take it upon myself to put my glasses through the harshest tests I could imagine.

But first, before getting new glasses, was the hardest test of all – my eyesight test. I checked into one of the many Crizal lenses optical facilities (this one was at Integrated Eyecare Centre Vivocity), and admitted myself guilty of bad eyesight.


…That they conducted, was actually more comprehensive than any optical check-up I’ve ever been to, and I’ve attended more than just a few. They did the usual thing where you peer into a binocular-looking device and look at rolling pastures of green hills with a house in the distance (to check your eye power), but they also explained my eye health.

The lady behind the Crizal lenses counter waited and smiled patiently, as the chirpy agency babes pulled out about 30 spectacle frames for me to try on. It felt pretty shiok to have 3 ladies fawning over my eyes with tender loving care.

After a few working days, I picked up my DKNY honey-framed Crizal lenses spectacles.

Do you like how they look? I was skeptical at first, but the lenses really work.

The Crizal vision was significantly clearer! But would it survive a test of earth, wind, water, and fire?

Ok, I don’t like to play with fire, but I conjured and conducted a series of other tests to challenge the Crizal promise “to eliminate the 5 enemies of clear vision”. This is what I did…

OLD Vivienne Westwood black-framed non-Crizal lenses spectacles
NEW DKNY honey-framed Crizal lenses spectacles


Minnie Mouse was subjected to double vision and double trouble as I left fingerprints all over my OLD Vivienne Westwood non-Crizal lenses spectacles and NEW DKNY Crizal lenses speckys.

Sorry Minnie! This is for your own good. Now, you can see me a little bit better.

If you look carefully, the fingerprints are more strongly imprinted on my old glasses (black one on the bottom). The Crizal lenses on my new glasses had, if any, a very faint imprint. The reflection on the new pair was also minimal.


The torture to my glasses has not even begun… And so I brought them to the toilet to pour water all over both pairs.

The water drops clung less to the Crizal lenses, as you can see the bigger water droplets on my old black-framed pair.

Alas old specs, I bet they would also sink!


I went to the garden, buried both my spectacles in soil and stones, and checked to see the damage.

Which one had smudges, reflections, as well as scratches? Look up close and carefully again…

So there I had it – the spectacles with Crizal Advanced lenses by Essilor actually survived not one, but ALL the tests and elements of the world that I put it through. Tried, tested, and true.

My poor speckys.

In hindsight, it was a good thing that Crizal Advanced lenses truly delivered its promises of eliminating reflections, scratches, smudges, water, and dust… Or in my case, earth + wind + water. Otherwise, I would have zero vision instead of crystal-clear clarity.

This is what Crizal lenses guarantee

But I wonder how long these lenses will survive my insanity?

*For a quote of your own pair of spectacles with Crizal Advanced lenses by Essilor, please visit your favourite optician or check out their website here.*


3 thoughts on “Would You Put Your Glasses Through Earth, Wind, Water, Fire? I Did.

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  3. Have you tried other optical shops? Are the prices and quality of specs at Integrated Eyecare Centre reasonable? I’ve got pretty bad eyesight too (open-angle Glaucoma at the age of 19, right before entering NS. Eyesight’s not getting better with an office job, almost a decade later). Choosing between the optical shop i patronized as a child and something new/better, yet at reasonable prices.

    But if your experience was only with Crizal, then it’s fine…

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