My Birthday Wish 2011

This year, I started off having a few birthday wishes, and mentally the list grew and grew… Soon it became more than a few.

Leica m9


A walk-in wardrobe

A gym membership

Some funky shoes

A white pony

I didn’t ask for nor receive any of them, but somehow between saving money and thinking about what I really want, slowly surprisingly, my list of wishes and priorities have been transforming into non-material things.

Now, my birthday wishes are…

To have eternal encouragement from my parents

For my younger brother to return from Amazon river and Honduras jungle safely, but first to have the most amazing life-changing experience there

For my best friend to experience the love of Jesus

To have peace about the decisions I make

Clarity for the decisions that I can’t

Forgiveness for the things I do wrong.

Better use of time in my day

To be healthy and in good health

Success at work and support for my blog

To do more for others

To live a life that is full and meaningful

To have true friendships that will last a lifetime, not a night

Instead of a white pony, a knight in shining armour might be better. Maybe even dare to dream and dream to meet my future husband.

Is this ideal or is this real? None of the above have anything to do with money or fame, because that’s not what brings real happiness. I guess I am growing up.

Happy quarter-century birthday to me, thank you everyone for the messages/wishes, and I hope MY life and YOUR life will be blessed out of the ordinary.<3

Disclaimer: Donations for first birthday wish list also can. I think I still need to buy an iPad 2.


3 thoughts on “My Birthday Wish 2011

  1. Happy Birthday Estelle! May all your birthday wishes come true. I hope you meet the man who is able to capture your heart & loves you in return. God bless you.

    New York City Soho Living,
    Joanne Loo

  2. wow I am really inspired by your authentic sharing here, especially when I read your non-material birthday list:) It really touches my heart that you are living a life beyond yourself and caring for the people around you:) What is life that is full and meaningful to you?

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