Opening this week: SAUCE for your tastebuds, SAUCE for your thirst

Review for SAUCE Bar and Grill

I have been desperately trying to diet, but it seems to be getting harder as I get hungrier… no thanks at all to cute concept pop-up shop ups like this.

The good lookin’ kids who run the Butter Factory decided to get cookin’, and came up with a new bar and grill that will be opening THIS WEEK along Esplanade @ Theatres on the Bay.

SAUCE Bar & Grill whisked me away to daydreams of the summer, where very American picnics come out to play.

When DJ Andrew T asked me to think of all the sauces I know, I could only think of three.

“Tomato, chilli… does thai sweet chilli count seperately?” Who am I kidding, that was pathetic.

The dine-in menu has a selection of mains from the grill like Pork Rack, Steak, King Prawns, Hot dog and Burgers. Each main comes with 2 complimentary side accompaniments and 3 recommended sauces from the full saucy selection.

With a collection of 17 gourmet sauces to seduce me (my favourite was the sauce with jalapenos), it was definitely getting hot in here.

My only complaint is that as opposed to having the sauces placed on a table in the middle, the “sauce table”, obviously being the rockstar of SAUCE bar, could have been decorated a little nicer. I spent the first 5 minutes wondering where the sauces were, and the next 5 minutes deciding where to dip my fingers.

Grab and go, or choose to chill – have your tasty treats any way you want. With an alfresco courtyard as well as a convenient takeaway kiosk (burgers, hotdogs, salads), this place is postcard perfect for those looking to hustle, bustle, or shuffle.

Bumped into Olivia, another blogger who was also nominated for the Singapore Blog Awards competition I am in. She did an entry on SAUCE too on her blog.

In the exact spot that used to be the bar 7ate9, opposite Harry’s Bar, I can definitely see myself catching up with friends after work for a bite, burger and some lemonade. Oh, the lemonade. I know it sounds silly, but the soft sweet drink slid down my lips, and since I tasted it in New York I’ve really not had any in Singapore like it.

I can’t stop thinking about you, Mr Garden Lemonade.

You put the ‘moan’ in ‘lemoanade’.

I just crossed my legs.

The garden lemonade I had is non-alcoholic, but you might like the dirty lemonade better.

If you had a bad or good day, or you just need a drink, try and make it for happy hour (5 to 7pm) – because each pint of Asahi beer purchased (S$8+) comes with a free mini hot dog. In some bellies, this happy hour would call for a happy meal.

The prime waterfront location is pretty, and I have a feeling that the crowd this hotspot will attract, will be pretty sexy too.


8 Raffles Avenue, Esplanade Mall, #01-10/12
(Opposite Harry’s Bar, or just outside the Esplanade’s sliding glass doors)


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