Crizal VS The Universe

In my very detailed last post, I put my new pair of Crizal glasses through earth, wind, water and fire. Ok, so maybe no fire, but it did survive these elements of the universe.

Bored and distraught, this was still not enough proof for the bloggers…

We decided to put Crizal lenses through another trying test.

And so we marched into a different universe… One with…

The reflections of the unforgiving Saturday sun

The dust from the pyramids of Egypt

A world of water

The scratches of rollercoasters of Universal Studios.

It also survived the bop and bounce of the merry-go-around!

And the smudges and evil clutches of furry monsters who invaded from another universe…

Before Crizal lenses, our world was topsy turvy :S

Upside down…

It felt a little crazy!

But with Crizal-clear lenses by Essilor, we managed to conquer glare, smudges, scratches, water, dust, dirt… and the rest of the world.


Do you need some crystal-clear vision too? I will be giving away a FREE pair of Crizal lenses with a spectacle frame of your choice (worth $150) in my next Crizal post.

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3 thoughts on “Crizal VS The Universe

  1. Ooooh I want! Hahaha, seems like you had so much fun at RWS! Nice glasses too =D Went to the crizal website and took a good look around for fun. =p

  2. I love your gp photo of the “And so we marched into a different universe… One with…” It inspired me that we are All One and inter-connected to each other

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