Costume Parties, Theme Parties, Party Tips and Party Ideas: Birthday Parties I Have Had For Four Years

It’s my birthday! Half birthday, un-birthday, it’s my birthday everyday.

No, I’m just joking, although I do love celebrations – so once a year, I let my hair down and throw a massive partay.

It’s always hard coming up with new party ideas, but I love special themed birthday parties.

Here is what I’ve done before and how…

2007 – A Hotel Jacuzzi Suite Beach Party in Sentosa

1) Rented a hotel room with a jacuzzi suite, and booked a cabana to hang out with friends at Cafe Del Mar right after. Dad cooked food and friends brought drinks.

Can’t remember my total party cost, back then there were not that many choices…

TOTAL PARTY COST: S$300+ for location, S$200 for food and mixers

2009 – Playboy Mansion at The Sail
Bankers, bunnies and everything in between

Invite: Exclusive
Location: The party room at luxury condominium The Sail – Free.

Got an award-winning designer friend David Tang to do a mock Playboy cover with customised funny lines about me and my friends. Sent the file for printing at a poster shop in Ubi. 1.5m x 2m poster is made of PVC cloth – cost about S$120.

How: Stuck it on the function room wall with masking tape.

2) Bought toy chains, masks, hula hoops, teddy bears, kid’s handcuffs, soft toys and lots of different cloth material to decorate the party and pose as props – cost less than S$200

3) Asked people to dress up as bankers, bunnies, playboys or playmates. Costume choices were all over the place…

4) Set up a poster with coloured markers and stickers for people to “write on my wall”. If you do this, some of your friends will probably write heartfelt birthday messages… but most of them will write rubbish.

5) Friends were given bunny-shaped name tags for easy introduction and identification.

6) TimeOut magazine sponsored some magazines, as I was featured in that issue (their dating issue). Men’s magazines like VIP magazine and T3 magazine sponsored some magazines as well.

As this is a condo function room, party ends when the security guard comes. Usually around 10pm or 11pm.

TOTAL PARTY COST: S$0 for location, S$120 for poster, S$200+ for decor and knick knacks, S$200 for food and drinks

2010 – Japanese Gameshow BBQ at The Sail

Location: BBQ facility at luxury condominium The Sail – Free.

The previous party theme Playboy Mansion sounded a little wild, parents did not quite approve! So, for 2010, I wanted something just as fun, a bit more cute, and extra special. What should we do? It all started when my friend and I were youtubing funny Japanese videos and Human Tetris… Suddenly, I found myself with a never-heard-before-in-Singapore party theme. Japanese Gameshow BBQ? What say you? Time to start the planning!

1) Got lucky to get a brilliant designer friend Kym to do a poster according to my personality and the party theme. What an amazing, colour pop of a poster!! I adored it. 1.5m x 2m poster is made of PVC cloth – cost S$120

I got so many compliments on the poster – it was great for photos.

How: This soft cloth poster had to be attached to and propped up with bamboo sticks so that it looked like it was standing. If you want to do a cardboard poster with standee, you can, but it apparently costs a lot more.

2) Party and photo props are always fun. Games like Twister must be done. Don’t have a party without one!

I bought water guns, japanese style masks and cosplay items, and various decor and toys from Daiso for only $2 each – cost less than S$200. One item, many uses!

3) I set up a beer pong table for my friends to play games, but it soon turned into vodka pong, sake pong, tequila pong, and a water fight.

4) Dad cooked food, friends helped to BBQ, and I gave my phone to my best friend to answer, she also was my logistics master. Everyone needs a best friend!

5) I delegated my cute girlfriends a very important job, and they went around the party asking guests for donations to a charity my family is involved in and to my new MacBook fund.

If no one will buy you a present, no one said you couldn’t collect money for one!

6) It may be a good idea make a lot of noise to chase away other residents, or so they do not want to come near you or join your party.

But if they complain about the noise level… you will probably get shut down.

OK, maybe not so much a good idea – but from my experience you can’t control these things and it will probably happen.

My friends say this was the party of the year for them, and this may be one of the most explosive party ideas I have ever had. Tick tock, it’s party o’clock, and this didn’t even have to cost a bomb…

TOTAL PARTY COST: S$0 for location, S$120 for poster, S$200 for decor, party props and knick knacks, S$200 for food and drinks

All pictures courtesy of Jade Lim Maravillas, Larry Lim and Vince Carlo Photography.

2011. So what did I do this year?

Do my parties look fun? I actually never had much fun at my previous parties, because I was always so worried about my friends, the food, the mood…

This year, I felt a bit more grown up and wanted to do something a bit more tame and a lot more chill.

Friends itched with anticipation as I stressed with bated breath… The bar was set so high… WHAT TO DO?

2011 – Love Boat: A Day Out On The Horizon 7

Ok, so it usually costs a lot of money to rent a private yacht for a day (can range from $2,000-$15,000 for a 6hour day-night use depending on size of boat and number of people onboard), so it’s not the best idea for someone on a party budget. I was very lucky that the Horizon yacht company gave me a very special deal for my special day. More details soon in it’s own blog post.

*Will post up more pictures from this year’s birthday celebrations soon!*


Don’t forget, a party is nothing without the people, and I’m lucky that I have an extraordinary bunch of friends and family who are always the life and love of my party.

I hope this gives you ideas for your next party… Be creative, poll your friends for ideas, plan in advance, hire minions to help you out for your special day and just have fun with it!

Till the next party… 😉


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