Lessons in Love, Dear Boys And Girls – This Week’s 5 Rules of Heartbreak

#5 Show and Tell: Guys who simply say they cannot communicate, simply show that they cannot make the effort to communicate.

#4 If she’s responsible for your happiness, be responsible with her heart.

#3 Don’t commit to someone unless they have committed to u first.

#2 One of the hardest things to do is to walk away from something you really want, because it’s something u do not need and you don’t think it’s good for you.

#1 During the roadtrip of love, sometimes u just need to know when to stop the car and ask for a map and instructions.

Sometimes, u need to take 2 steps backwards to move 1 step forward.

And at other times, if you already know you’re heading in the wrong direction, don’t be too surprised when you find yourself lost in love.

And yet, it’s better to have loved and gotten lost, than never to have loved at all.

Waitaminute. Where are we going?


I would probably take the roadtrip of love all over again… Would you?

But first, make sure the man in the driver’s seat knows where he’s taking you…


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