Nevermind Mr Handsome, where is Mr Heart?

I woke up today with a heavy heart, thinking about my thoughts and Captain America.

Physical attraction < Attraction of the heart

Being listed as a single Christian girl on Facebook for more a while, my curious or caring friends always ask me where I find and what I look for in a man.

"Do you look for guys at clubs?"
"Do you like a man who's tall, white, Singaporean or handsome? A model, an athlete, or someone in finance?"

I could answer these questions, but we would be missing the whole point – Because when I look at a man, I'm not looking at his good looks or Cartier watch. Unless I have events to attend or overseas visitors to entertain, I try to stay out of nightclubs. I admit it's tempting, there are many Mr Handsomes, but I'm not most impressed when they show me how big their bottle or table is.

I'm interested in seeing how big their heart is.

With matters of the heart, it’s the heart that matters…

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One thought on “Nevermind Mr Handsome, where is Mr Heart?

  1. It helps of they are very gorgeous as well though??!! Haha..joking aside, lovely blog post Estelle…so I might have a chance with you yet as I have the biggest heart in the world. But…oops…I’m married…oh well! Hope you find what you want. I don’t understand why a girl like you is single…truly baffles me!

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