Crizal by Essilor (Free spectacles & lenses giveaway)

Crizal lenses by Essilor eliminates the 5 enemies of vision: Glare, Smudges, Water, Scratches and Dust.
“LIKE” and COMMENT on YOUTUBE as creatively as possible, why YOU need crystal clear Crizal vision. Need a pair of FREE spectacles with prescribed Crizal lenses? I WILL GIVE IT TO YOU!

You can choose a frame worth S$150, total worth with Crizal lenses is more than S$300.

Be quick, best random comment by Wednesday 31 August 2011 wins. Good luck! 😛

Thank you to Crizal lenses for my crystal clear vision – now I can go anywhere in the world with crystal clear vision, and no boundaries.


*First blog post where I put my brand spanking new Crizal glasses through earth, wind, water and fire is here.*

*Second blog post saw some bloggers storming a media trip to Universal Studios… My world was a little topsy turvy, but it sure wasn’t blurry!*


8 thoughts on “Crizal by Essilor (Free spectacles & lenses giveaway)

  1. Name : Cherie
    Email : csnc88[at]
    Youtube name : csnc88

    Would like to change my specs to a crizal one for better living! Specs are such a bane to me because firstly i need to have money to make a pair of normal specs, and normal lens are prone to attract dust, dirt and smudge easily.. Hopefully by wining a crizal specs,i can see better and feel better!

  2. roses are red,
    violets are blue,
    you look great,
    and so does your crizal too! 🙂

    *ok, you did say “random” comment or did i see wrongly with my glasses…. see? i SERIOUSLY need a new pair of hot, crazy, crizal glasses… lol.

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