Crizal Lenses Contest Giveaway Ended And More Free Stuff

Hello, and updates! My Crizal lenses + free spectacles contest giveaway has ended (see the blog post and video here), I will be in touch directly with those who won the free prescription lenses spectacles.

I picked the winner using a random number generator (website here), it reminded a bit of those powerball commercials I used to see on TV in Australia! I take it that my winner is comment #11.

Thanks to Crizal lenses, you can see clearly now – the rain haze is almost gone.

PS: I wish I could pick more winners, all your comments were very funny or thoughtful! These are some of my favourite comments left on my YouTube channel for Crizal’s video – yes, why did the chicken cross the road?

And then there were those awesome comments that were left on my blog…

PPS: Those who did not read my instructions properly, sorry – you had to leave the comment on YOUTUBE, not my blog post. hopefully you can enter the next contest that you like. 🙂

***Thanks for playing guys! Keep reading LoveYouWrongTime for other free stuff and giveaways, I have some F1 party goodies coming right up. :P***


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