My 2011 Birthday Onboard The Love Boat – Horizon EP105

The weather forecast predicted rain and thunder, but in denial we still predicted good times ahead. We stormed in together onto the magnificent Horizon EP105 (also known as Horizon 7), all-weathered friends in arms and drink in hand.


“Dear Lord, It’s my birthday! Please don’t let it rain on my parade.”

We sipped on my favourite energy soft drink, some swigged from the perfect beer. The awed faces of my friends were enough to content me, for a moment we all felt like a billionaire.

Will you “LIKE” F&N Zesta and Moosehead as much as we do?

Co-celebrators and party-conspirators, Estelle and Harry:
Birthday buddies, July babies, and Zesta + Moosehead lovers

I’ve always loved going on boats but I had never had my birthday on a boat before, I always thought it would cost a lot more… I enjoyed a great birthday package deal with Horizon Yacht Company and now, deservedly looked on as the Horizon EP105 tethered and tottered gently. She posed patiently parked at the One Degree 15 Marina dock.

Specs of the superyacht:
Triple-deck long range explorer yacht, 105 feet long x 45 feet above the yacht’s waterline, twin 600-horsepower Caterpillar C18A diesels, 3500 miles at 9 knots, top speed just under 13 knots, 4 bedrooms, Jacuzzi and alfresco lounge on the flybridge.

“No we cannot leave yet…”

And so we basked in the peek-a-boo of the afternoon sun, while the MD of Horizon Yachts gave us a thorough safety briefing. Why so serious? I heard from the news that safety standards for yacht charters had recently tightened up a great deal. A few yacht charter companies in SG were offering boat days for dirt cheap on the down low – without having the right number of lifejackets, lifeboats, etc.

If a deal is too good to be true *cough certain online collective buying websites*, it probably is.

If your safety is sacrificed, you pay with your life. (Kind of costly, don’t you think?)

The slip and slap of the superyacht bring me back to ground – I mean sea – and I stop the serious daydreaming – my mind is at ease with Azurea Luxury Yacht Charters, it feels fantastic to outsource my party!

So let the frivolous frolicking with festivities begin…

Here’s an account of our dreamy journey out at sea. Falling in love totally compulsory. ❤

~ ☺♥★♫ Whisk(ey) me away to sea

Let us be young, and have some aqua fun
Under the shaded midday sun ~ ☺♥★♫

Planking is overrated. We did this thing my birthday buddy suggested, called leisure diving. It’s where you perform a dive and try to do something “leisurely” while you’re at it. Can you dive while chilling out? Have a drink or read at sea… in mid-air? Yes you can!

We tried to do this:

Some of us chose to read newspapers, or have a drink of Zesta and Moosehead. My photos kind of suck.

We ended up having a pretend mid-air-water fight! The photos came out kinda cool, thanks to Richard Oey photography!

(Is a mid-air-water fight a leisure dive?)

Missed the action? Let’s Rinse and Repeat, and Re-live again…

~ ☺♥★♫ Let’s dig in to Azurea’s special catering
Ease me into good food’s mood
What is your flavour feeling?
Japanese, international, wasabi prawns and sweet macaroons ~ ☺♥★♫

My friend Lynda Ann made us customised scrumptious cupcakes – creatively golf-themed as I especially requested for the birthday boy, and non-stop smiles for birthday me!

Not too buttery, not too sweet;
Chocolate Ganache and Peanut Butter hidden under a visual treat.
(Holler at Lynda Ann: 96792041)

Time to play, with my peeps from Taipei

Day to night, night to day… The fun’s almost done but the good times may never forever fade away.

All photos taken by myself or by Richard Oey photography. Please do not reproduce or use without our expressed permission.

A massive THANK YOU to Horizon Yacht Company and Azurea Luxury Yacht Charters, Lynda Ann’s cupcakes (Tel: 96792041), Moosehead Lager Singapore and F&N Zesta for making my Love Boat birthday a dream come true. ❤

*Disclaimer: This boat is a company boat and is not for regular charter. She came from her shipyard in Taiwan, stopped in Singapore, and is now well on her way to her new home in Panama. To enquire on current charters, please contact Horizon Yacht Company for availability.

If you would like to hold an event and explore new horizons with free flow champagne or other yacht charter package deals, please contact Annie from Azurea Yacht Charters at 6376 0161 or

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