One Year Older, But None The Wiser

I think I was smarter as a kid.

When I was a kid, I hung out more with adults and learnt about life through their eyes. I learnt about values such as integrity and having a good attitude, doing what is right and that making mistakes is ok. Now, I see people practice different things, not all of them ethical. People have more money but are not necessarily richer. Definitely not happier. Cash is king, the best are stressed, and everyone else wants to win.

As a child, I received constant nurturing, daily affection and all the attention I wanted. my mum would tell me everyday “i love you”, while dad would kiss me on the cheek every night and tuck me into bed. Now, they forget sometimes, or I sleep at 2am.

Im not blaming the adults… My generation listens to stupid music that go something like “ra ra ra” and I sing about love songs that say “Yeah yeah yeah”. What’s wrong with me? What’s wrong with society? I don’t want to grab someone and tell them they are sexy, that’s a horrible idea Pitbull! I want to tell them how loved they are.

It was heartbreaking to see that society had lost much morals, or become promiscuous. Did u know that 40% of Singaporean youths have lost their virginity before the age of 18? (This was the headlines of The New Paper 21/2/2011, from the results of a survey of 1500 youths by online forum Flowerpod.)

Are parents teaching the right things at home, or are youths picking up the wrong things from school? I guess it’s hard to teach the values of sex education if your schoolmates are not listening, and no one is practicing it.

So you see, back then, there was so much more meaning to everything. People did not have as much money and appreciated things that were given to them. My conversations had more meaning. The songs were nicer. Sex was special.

Sometimes, I wish I was young again, because I think that life had more meaning then. Society seems to have lost the meaning of life, and it’s time to find it again.

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One thought on “One Year Older, But None The Wiser

  1. “Ra Ra RA” hahahaha nice one!
    Kinda sad how as some people grow old they forget how to have fun and are consumed by their obsession to make money money money and more money as that is the ‘typical’ idea of ‘success’

    Snoop Dogg – Gangsta Luv:
    “Baby like the way i wake her up, Coz i’m a gangsta, i grab her by the butt”

    hahaha >.<''

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