Preparation for Europe Trip – Safety first and travel deals

My last day with my job was on Friday and I am so lucky to be jobless for a month.

What would you do if you had a free month? I will be going to Europe tonight to backpack and look for my soul (maybe it is in my pocket?).

Packing and preparing for a month-long trip is stressful though, especially when my Dad has been sending me YouTube clips like these everyday –


Techniques of pickpocketing

Pickpocketing Kids

Teamwork of pickpockets

Yes, quite stressed now, but I’m not going to let these thieves steal my joy! (Or my wallet.)

The videos are an eye opener and here are some tips I have learnt from it and from other frequent travellers.

I will not:
– put my iphone on the table
– leave my bag on the floor or chair, or put it down without first wrapping the strap around my leg
– let anyone press a piece of cardboard or papers against my tummy and zip my front-facing bags/pouches open
– put any valuables in my bag – pickpockets seem to open them and take things out even in broad daylight

I will:
– Use one of those ugly traveller wallets
– Keep anything important close to my body and
– Always be on the lookout for men/women/children who are trying to distract me
(I hear the most popular one to catch you off-guard are distraction techniques).


Backpacker’s or packing tips I have learnt:

– Pack all the clothes you need, then cut them in half
– If you can’t wear it 3-5 times, don’t bring it
– 5 pairs of shoes is a bit much
– Roll your clothes – I find they wrinkle less and definitely save space
– In a backpack, keep heavy things in the middle of pack for better ergonomics when carrying. Also, make full use of waist straps to offset weight on shoulders
– Wear your heaviest boots, jeans and jacket for flights to lighten ur check-in load and avoid excess baggage charges
– Bring an extra cloth luggage bag – you know you want to shop!

In other not-so-negative news, here are a few global resources I have heard of or trawled that have proved to be quite useful. Some I couldn’t have done without.
– Couchsurfing
– Hostelworld
– Frommers
– Ricksteves
– Lonely Planet
– Trip Advisor
– Priceline
– RailEurope
– Easyjet
– Ryan Air
– BMI Baby (But the fares were not as good as Easyjet or Ryanair)
– The man in seat 61
– Roomorama
– Expedia

With Expedia, I saw their ad on the front page of Today’s papers – $99 for a bali promo package. To book in Oct 2011 and travel from now – Nov 2011! So hard to find Bali promos that you can travel in the same year for.

I didn’t know they had such attractive packages to Bali and beyond?

Ah, Bali. I love you.

The Expedia travel deals looks quite competitive actually, and I would grab my favourite girls and hit that if I could… Or if not for the fact that I am leaving for Europe tonight!

I might do some quick updates here or on Twitter @estellekiora, so twalk to you later 😉


2 thoughts on “Preparation for Europe Trip – Safety first and travel deals

  1. The technique video is really interesting!
    Have fun!!!!
    Careful of the snatch and runners as well. They got no skills but they are fast 😉

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