Getting Spoilt in Spain – Barcelona Day 1

Barca Day 1

Picture perfect corners. Loewe and other top brands on other corners. The best tapas. A bottle of wine with every lunch. Art history and architectural paradise. I could go on forever but first, ¡Hola Beautiful Barcelona. According to all my favorite travel sites, this is one of the top 10 cities in the world.

Fernando came to get me from the airport, so all I had to do was stress less and enjoy the breeze. I love Barcelona already.

It´s not as big as the cities in America, and is definitely more chill than Singapore. I get a bit of the Melbourne vibe here, with long lulls and lunches, or the coffee culture.

Fernando brought me to the hood for lunch. No I´m just kidding, it´s not the hood, but it sure looks like it.

Had a bit of a culture shock at the way Spaniards eat! I was famished, but these were the appetizers (Tomatoes, onions, Toasted Italian baguette, pasta with pine nuts and cheese) that came with the meal. Seriously??
Of course Fernando ordered a bottle of wine 🙂

I was going to chop the tomato up but he took it from my hand and rubbed the half of it all over his bread. It gave the bread a touch of tomato, and then he sprinkled olive oil and salt over it. Was pretty yum!

My friend ordered a bottle of soda to mix with the red wine – he mixes it 50-50. I thought it would taste strange (I don´t usually dilute my wine) but it was really light and fresh, like a spritzer.
I forgot to grab a picture of my fishy meal, but this was Fernando´s grub.

No other way to celebrate first meal in Spain than to have desserts right? This was a traditional Spanish cake. Quite dry, with sugar on top.

A crowded restaurant at “lunch” – this photo was taken at 4pm by the way!

Total cost of our lunch for two: $20 euros

Alex and Sara came to see me, 6pm is way too early for dinner here (I should have said “Hey, I´m hungry!” but I´m too much of a polite asian for that :P) so we had coffee by the sea port. The sun could not have been more perfect. I wish we went to the beach!

We went for a ramble on Las Rambles, it was touristy.

Getting harassed by touts. Always fun!

Street art and spray can paintings – my favorite!

We walked to the Gothic Quadrant and saw the Gothic Cathedral – amazing. So dark and moody, yet pretty.

Girls in skirts on bicycles are a common sight – these public offerings are one year or half hour rentals, basically for locals to jump on and off and move around city. They hope to cut down the number of cars on the road – traffic can get quite busy during peak hours.

I actually noticed a lot of old people today, I guess Barcelona has an ageing population. With less work and more payouts, this may be a small problem for their economy. Anyway it´s time for dinner! But a caprinha first.

Tapas style – Ham and cheese croquettes,

Anchovies on bread, foie gras

Dizzy from the dishes! ^_^ Trust my Spanish friends to bring me to a bar-restaurant which kind of has my name. Cool!

Total cost of our dinner for 5: $18 euros each (including drinks)

It´s only the first day but I’m already trying to get used to the 2pm lunches, and 9 or 10 pm dinners. Fernando says that 1am the party starts, 6am it ends. Next day, everyday, you do it all over again.

My spanish phrase of the day: buenas noches! (good night!)

I have so much to share and say, I´ll post updates here as much as I can. Just to show you pictures and tell you I´m alive! God bless, I wish all of you were here xxx


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