ITALY – Very Nice, Venice

First day in Italy and I’ve already made friends, gotten lost, ignored, had someone very not discreetly (and in fact proudly) try to smell my hair, been sung to, stalked, stared at, talked to some stuck up people and told I was beautiful.

The friends I made today were really cool, but the rest of above mentioned men were kinda weird. Although these were all different people, they each sounded local Italian.

I had a romantic dinner by myself ($25Euros after 12% tax for a plate of prawn & zucchini pasta, and a glass of house wine) then licked some gelato under the music and moonshine. I think of my brother and my parents – my brother would be bored but I want to whisk my parents away. Mom and Dad, you would love it here. There are many old couples here romancing each other with roses and leaning on each other’s shoulders. Of course I meant to only highlight the romance part.

I can already hear Dad grumbling at the cost of the gondolas – he hates expensive things.

I walked from St Marc’s Square (pic with bright lights above, tah-dah!) to Rialto (maybe 10 min) to check out some bars, it was a little busy. I could have walked back to my hotel but i purposely waited for the Vaporetto because I bought a 24hr ticket for $18euros (I thought I was so smart, saving money and all, but now I think 2x single trip tickets at $6.50 each would have been enough.)

Stalker appeared. He came to talk to me. I pretended I didn’t know him (well, I don’t!). I scrambled onto the nearest boat.

Where am I? This looks like a prison. Apparently took the Vaporetto in the wrong direction. Great.

Ah, Venice.

Don’t worry Mom, i know you’re reading this, I’m really fine.
Romance is in the air everywhere, but I’m really enjoying being alone. [Except the stalked part, which ended up in me going someplace else to shake him off and having to spend my midnight waiting 20minutes for the next Vaporetto night service (water bus). So annoyed! Going to give that guy killer eyes if I see him again.]

The Gondola ride of love can wait because I’m happy just Eurotrippin’ and living it.

ITALIAN PHRASE OF THE DAY: Arrivederci (Goodbye!)

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