Mom Would Not Be Proud

So this is my 2nd week in Europe now, and from Spain to Italy, I have done a few things that Mom would not be proud of. I think this post should fire up my Mom-Will-Not-Be-Proud series, what do you think?

I screwed up today – not once – but twice. Let me re-count the ways.

My first time in Italy and I already missed the train.

– Spent my evening in Venice figuring out TrenItalia and pre-booked a ticket the night before online (honestly I don’t know if it’s really necessary, seeing as to how this isn’t peak season and there is plenty of room on trains for everybody, Italian or not).

– Finished booking and it informed me that this would be an electronic ticket (so not a ticketless ticket) and I needed to present a physical copy. Great.

– Spent part of my morning in Venice looking for a printer – many small hotels or hostels like mine have limited Technology. You have to remember, Venice is 300 years old.

– Had to pay 2euros for computer use and then more money to print some pages.

– Enjoyed the rest of my morning in Palazzo Ducale, got lost in the backstreets and bridges of Venice and also took Waterbus 1 instead of Waterbus 2 to the train station (Ferrovia, which is also S Lucia train station). Waterbus 1 is correct – but the route is about 2 times longer.

– The ticket I missed was a cheap one at 24.95euros, but I had to buy another full price one for 55.40euros. Less shopping money for me then!

Lesson learnt:
1. Don’t buy train tickets in advance, I might miss them.
2. Italian trains are on time. For goodness sake, don’t be late!
– Met two lovely American girls who had some similar travel plans, and we became fast friends. We all had tickets to get off at the same stop. They had time to kill before their connecting train and accompanied me to my hotel, where after an hour of communicating with a local from the bar next to the hotel I had reserved a room at, we realized that I had booked the hotel for the wrong date. Rooms were sold out and no one was expecting me. I had to find somewhere else to stay.

Oh, I just came off a 6hour train and it was now 10pm.

– If I didn’t miss my train, I wouldn’t have met these two lovely ladies and they wouldn’t have accompanied me to my hotel and above-mentioned screw up #2. I would have probably freaked out. They kept me not only safe, but happy. Life works in wonderfully weird ways.

– Followed the girls to their hostel in another smaller town called Corneglia, slept in a dorm with 7 other girls. It wouldn’t have been my first choice, but I didn’t mind it really. I think the reception stays open much longer and they have better “in case of emergencies” contingency plans. But the towels were so thin and looked like they were made out of paper. I’m also tired and missed dinner.

Lesson learnt:
1. Don’t book rooms after a few drinks.
2. Check all bookings, especially when you made about 10 of them.
3. When a hotel owner says “see you later”, it could actually mean “next week”.
4. Americans can be good Samaritans.

Yes Mom, and I know you told me to stay in a nice hotel and join a tour.

I’m happy, healthy and going hiking tomorrow…;) But don’t say I told you so!


*Sorry for the wordy rhyming whining, I’m having trouble putting in pictures – will fill this post in with proper pics when I get a computer.*

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2 thoughts on “Mom Would Not Be Proud

  1. The BEST part about traveling alone is that You can Get Lost & still be part of the Plan! 🙂

    Just relax… Your God is With you Always!

  2. I’m certain I mentioned those first two learning lessons on the train punctuality and not booking the tickets in advance!

    Nonetheless, good to see you still managed to find your way around and meet friends along the way. Getting lost and confused is all part of the whole travel experience, important thing is that you are safe.

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